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Thanks to DCpinkMic, WeLoveDara and Pinkyasumi

Comments on: "Photos: [Updated] Dara – 2NE1 @ MTV x Daum Music Festival" (66)

  1. Wow! All of them looks hot especially our Goddess Dara. I really like her mini black dress outfit and high heeled boots, she’s so sexy. Her necklace/accessory reminds me of Big Bang’s skeleton CD cover. Congratulations 2NE1!!! ^_^

  2. woa!:)) all the photos are eye-candy!:))
    dara unnie in a skirt/dress is lovely:))

  3. I hope their stylist would always let her wear something like that. She really looks beautiful in that kind of dress. And she should also ditch the leggings because her legs are beautiful too.

  4. pinkprincez_mya said:

    OMO!!!!! dara the smexy goddess!!!! she’s stunnishing!!!! keke.. love her dress here, and at last look at that sexy legs.. (seems like bom has a fierce competition here, hehe) its just wow… as in WOW!!! o 0

  5. serena waldorf said:

    sometimes i get goosebumps or scared for them… coz most of their performances they wear super high heels.. as in stilettos… and they are performing on LCD floors… it is so scary that they might slid..

  6. wow! just love Dara and the other girls. She’s stunning and i don’t know why my eyes are always drawn to her. she’s a magnet lol.
    on another note, that was a lot of confetti that you couldn’t even see the girls performing.
    kudos to 2ne1 for winning the award! Go Dara girl!

  7. W0o0ö0öwww!!!! Dara-shii ur legs are very beautiful!

    ->anyway guyz,did u kn0w that MBLAQ,and U-kiss are alsö there…hmmm..hehe!

  8. just look at her butt, i’m pretty sure that she’s not wearing a butt pad during this!
    gosh, i’m a girl but can’t help but look at her butt,
    these 2 photos are my faves, lol! 🙂

  9. Dara Park’s leg is sexy and super wow wow wow!
    2ne1 congratzzz~~!

  10. cl use collar on SBS Gayo
    Minzy in MBC gayo
    and now dara on MTV
    has nothing to with big bang is just an accessory

    2NE1 and big bang also always agree the accessory

    • Dara also wore it for Can’t Nobody MV. You see it in the English version and in the BTS. People or rather shippers need to realize and start getting it in their head that 2ne1 and BB have the same stylist and that they share the same accessories and really have nothing to do with being a couple. If wearing the same accessories and the same shirt = couple, then all of YG familly are going out with each other.

      • I try to explain what he had written
        she said she is promoting big bang back
        and try to explain it by saying it will dara, cl, Minzy (BOM) always share clothes and accessories, as well as the big bang

        does not indicate that they are couples and if you notice what it says big bang or not mienbros
        in my head all are one big family

  11. Dara is so pretty and fresh-looking. i soooooooooooooo love her look tonight. her aura is just WOW!

  12. mary_pink31 said:

    they are promoting bigbangs comeback!!!look at their necklaces!! Its a skull. skull was one of their teaser pictures right? But why does dara got the biggest necklace? Very supportive eh?hehehehe

  13. superstar79 said:

    i find her pretty name “sandara” sooo unique and her birthmark, it’s sexy!

    our goddess is sooo unique in many ways, i guess that’s why she stands out among other stars out there

    minzy is very gil ra im. her new hair first her well.

  14. what about the performance????
    where to watch………….artist of the year…………new award to add on……………….

  15. Sandara Park, you gorgeous human being! I spotted her birthmark after a long long time.
    I have this theory that it is her lucky charm and I find it very beautiful. Don’t you think so? 🙂
    Am I going blind or Bom’s hair is brown-ish red?

  16. i love Minzy’s new hairstyle. good to see Dara in a dress, she looks so pretty, wish that they let her wear stilletos though. and her hair seems shorter than before, her make up is so simple, she’s so pretty in this event.

    • blackjackyeoji02 said:

      oh shes wearing stilettos just that the shoes has extra cover that you cant see the heels…

      congrats 2nE1 for winning the artist of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wohoooooooooooo….

      • yeah, what i mean is something like Bom’s and Cl’s! if they just let her wear something like those killer shoes, she’s going to be very seductive w/ her mini dress. 🙂

  17. Dara look so gorgeous with that dress, plus she isn’t wearing any leggings and we cal see her beautiful legs. I’ve been staring it for a minutes or so…me so amazed of what I’m seeing. 🙂

  18. i love dara’s outfit…
    very feminine…she’s stunning..

  19. i just realized now that Dalong is actually wearing stockings, she’s wearing a trasparent stockings, that’s why we can’t noticed it at first glance, but you can see it in some photos!

  20. ilovetotoro said:

    *jawdropped*ohmygawd!! they looked absolutely fab!! Dara in dress!

  21. O! My! Gaho!
    Dara is looking sizzling HAWT!
    so gorgeous!:)

  22. so sexy<333
    dara is goddess indeed<333
    i really love her wearing sexy outfits, please wear more often!!

  23. blackjackyeoji02 said:

    oh they did dance with those heels??????

    i cant even walk with those stilettos of CL and dance with them will take extra power and confidence…

    dara at first shes not wearing any stockings..but at close up shes wearing stockings….

    • really????/

      • blackjackyeoji02 said:

        yeah you may check it in other pics….its transparent stockings…

      • yes, she is.. but still.. i love it coz it’s not color black.. it’s like somehow her legs…

        does CL and bom gained some weight? oh well, they will surely shed it soon.. with hwangsabu with them, nothing could go wrong.. 😀 I also want dara to gain weight.. eat more santoki ok?

        anyway, i didn’t know dara got some beautiful legs.. keep it up dalong! wear more skirt.. 😀

        • pinkprincez_mya said:

          yeah i agree, i also thought bom and cl gained some weight, but no worries, they’ll be busy soon on japan promotions, i’m sure they will loose some weight too..
          sexy dara.. woot woot!!!!!

  24. sooo prettyyy…but i really miss dara’s long hair…i still prefer her with long hair….but shes pretty no matter what…pls grow your hair back daraaaa!!!!!!!LOL

  25. this by far is the prettiest, most mature and hella sexy stage costume of dara!! wish she dressed like this in inag mv rather than that fishnet stocking..argh!! anyway.. dara jjang!! ^.^

  26. kyaa!! dara w/o leggings is sexy and gorgeous…!
    yah i’ve noticed CL healthier look and minzy looking so chic…..
    BOM is sexy as hell…
    2ne1 HOT!!!

  27. no vids yet?

  28. i thought at first glance mingki was vice ganda,he3….sorry mingki-yah….i love dara in her black mini dress…

  29. Woa!sexy dara!!!

  30. WOW! They rocked the red carpet, they are all stunning and at last Dara wears mini dress without stockings/leggings. She’s a Goddess indeed. Second to Dara, I love Minzy’s aura, she’s so cool and sexy. 😀

  31. justsomerandomguy said:

    I really found her birthmark sexy because i think for me, it’s like a sign that despite her being called a Goddess, this just prove that she’s still has flaws that made her really strong and persevering regardless the fame she’s receiving. She’s still the Dara that will work hard.

    • Yeah who wants perfection right? Dara is flawed, but her flaws makes her who she is and that’s better than perfection.

    • I agree… Her flaws made us realized how true she is.. not pretending to be someone perfect.. She knows her weaknesses and turn it to strength… That’s the real goddess Dara..

  32. daragonlove said:

    wow..i love sandy wearing dress without leggings…

  33. WoW!! Goddess D’s so sexy! I’m happy to see Dara wearing mini-dress and walking confidently can’t wait to watch them perform!

  34. i love minzy’s look! isn’t she pretty with that hair.. minki, you really are a grown up now.. i love all of their look… ..
    but i really want to see dara in a stilettos. with a miniskirt.. heheh. but i know dara won’t like it.. but I still like her with this outfit.. im sure their stylist knows what to do right. :))

  35. yes…super beautiful…..

    can i ask if mblaq was also there?????

    thank you!

    park siblings love………

  36. Lol, I just noticed, it seams that Minzy is carrying everybody’s phones, I spot 2 iphones, 1 in each front pocket. CL’s shoes is perfectly capable of stabbing someone, and so as Bom’s.

  37. a true goddess indeed..^___^

  38. wow..2ne1 girls so pretty..especially goddess d.dara’s legs so milky happy she shows her legs today..

  39. wow so sexy!

    minji rocks!

  40. @Madzz_parker
    This is today @ MTV Daum Festival! 🙂
    Anyways, Dalong is so sexy w/ her mini black dress!

  41. wow…dara has milky white legs too!!! finally she’s showing it without the leggins!!!!
    wwowowow..Minki looks so ravishing and cool!!! so proud of maknae..i hope this look for her!

  42. Madzz_parker said:

    Lols, i d0nt understand..i’m only using my cp and cant view the pics.. Is this a current event?or last year?..tnx 4 d future reply ^^

  43. yikes.. smexxyy darashi 0_0 and oohhh i just noticed CL with chubbier cheeks and legs too.. keke minzy looks better and better she’s not chubby now and bom always sexy lady… ^_^ i miss 2ne1

  44. wow…dara and the rest were so beautifull… LADY IN BLACK INDEED…

    especially dara her mini black dress without any black stocking/leggings ANYMORE….

    so much pretty..OOZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Oh my god! Dara in a dress WITHOUT leggings!

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