Pictures of actress Park Bo-Young resembling Sandara Park, has become a hot topic.

On an online community, Park Bo-Young’s pictures were recently exposed. In the pictures, Park Bo-Young’s chubby cheeks, instead of her former V-line facial outline, was exposed, showing off her more feminine side.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented with, “This spring, you have looked more beautiful,” “You resemble Sandara Park with your chubby cheeks,” “You’re much more prettier now,” showing a hot response.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-Young, who shot to fame through the movie, “Speedy Scandal” is scheduled to make her comeback soon.

[A/N: After Dia, who is the so-called Bom 2.0, we now have Park Bo-Young, who resembles our dear Dara. ^^ I saw Speedy Scandal, and it’s a lovely, family comedy, she did great! But we also know our dear goddess, right? So who do you think is prettier? :)]


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  2. you must be crazy?? Park bo young got more prettier by resembling Sandara Pak?? maybe you said it the wrong way. Sandara Park Resembling Park Bo Young, because Park bo young is totally the goddess cuties adorable than Sandara Park.

  3. Is there a competition?! LOL

  4. this site is all about our goddess,not shocking at all,if all of us are biased here, dara unnie is pretty, thumbs up,haha,

  5. she looks like Dara on the 2nd pic, but not on the 1st.
    but she doesnt really look like Dara that much. lol

  6. 0f c0urse its dara…n0t being biased

  7. Well, not being biased here, dara is much more prettier than her :))

  8. She’s pretty, looks like a mix of Dara and Yoona ^^

  9. @Santoshi
    Errr, both(left and right) photo is actually just Park Bo-Young!

  10. Was the clothes they’re wearing was a dress? Because it is so exact, even the hair. And of course, I choose Dara. Seems like I’m going to watch speedy scandal to see it for myself. =))

  11. of course it’s our Dara unnie!!..^^,

  12. of course…….DARA!>.. im bias (*_*) hehe.;p

  13. dara park for me lol, dara is my bias ^^

  14. haha! i vote for Sandara Park..
    Park Bo-Young is pretty but Dara unnie is a Goddess.. hehe~
    bias much?? 🙂

  15. at first glance, i thought she was jang geum in jewel in the palace..idk or is it just me

  16. They are both beautiful in their own way. If you posted Dara’s pic in her 2008 photoshoot with long hair, she would look like her at first glance only he-he…but after a 2nd glance..nope. I can tell she’s not Sandara Park. The next NATE news I want to read is “Sandara Park to star in a Korean drama series opposite Lee Min Ho, T.O.P. & Won Bin etc” he-he…NOW that’s the news I’m looking forward to read. ^_^

  17. I first watched Speedy Scandal on youtube ages ago (before 2ne1 became hot) and then, I noticed that Park Bo-young really resembles our dear Dara.
    I mentioned this on my comment on that particular part of the video (the one where she sang for the rehearsals) but many people thumbs-downed it.
    Someone even replied that I am wrong.
    DAMN. Seriously, that happened.

  18. pinkprincez_mya said:

    do you have to ask??? isn’t it obvious.. of course it dara all the way!!!!!! (not being biased, just telling the truth.. keke)

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  20. finalfantasyqueen said:

    for me its sandara park. Nothings compares to her shes a totaly goddess D hahahaha.

  21. this girl is pretty! how old is she btw? she’s actually kinda looks like Sohee! and of course, do you really have to ask? SANDARA PARK everyday! lol!

  22. She really look like her based in the pic but Dara shine more (haha biased much?!) no seriously Dara even in pics she’s more charming, she has a special charm that I’ve never seen in anyone.. but Park Bo-Young is very BEAUTIFUL.

  23. I get to choose right? of course it’s Dara unnie~!^^

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