Update 1:

와쌉?!? ^.^ 우리 오늘 이분 콘서트에 왔어요~!!!ㅋ 이분은 뉴규~???

Source: Dara’s Me2day

“Wassup?! ? ^.^ Today, we came to this person’s concert~! Who is this man~??”

Translated by: Knucklepink@Daragon-Hideout.com/ Knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Uploaded by: WeLoveDara @ Twitter

Update 2:


밍끼빠 분들을 위한 사진투척!!!저번달 밍끼 생일날 사진인데ㅋㅋ밍끼가 고기 쐇어요!ㅋㅋㅋ42살이라고 불릴만큼 성숙하지만 또 나이다운 귀엽고 어린면도닜다구요!!!여기저기 콜라와 사이다병들..ㅋㅋ아가밍끼!ㅋㅋ글구 치마입구 스타킹 신고왔다고 놀렷더니 되게 부끄러워해요!!!ㅋ

“Posting up pictures of Mingkki!!! These are Mingkki’s birthday photos from last month ke ke Minggki on a high platform ke ke ke ke ke She’s mature for her age, like a 42-year-old, but to me, she’s still young and cute! There are cola bottles everywhere.. Keke Baby Mingkki! She came out to shake my hand at the entrance, and I was ashamed to see her wearing shirts and stockings more than me! Ke”

Update 3:

어머 사진을 안올렷네… 깜빡 깜빡하나… 벌써??? ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“Omo I forgot to post up the photo…I forgot, I forgot one…huhu ke ke ke ke…”

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: Knucklepink@Daragon-Hideout.com/ Knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Uploaded by: WeLoveDara @ Twitter


Comments on: "Me2day: [Updated] Dara at PSY’s Concert + Maknae Minzy ^.^" (49)

  1. whaaaaaaaa hay really miss 2ne1 esp dara….


  2. justsomerandomguy said:

    Happy Vday to all!

    YG love is really a special thing to be envied… of all the Entertainment agencies, YG is the best and i can see it through live performances, updates and BTS.. what a good day to celebrate V Day but saddening, i don’t have any date.. anyone? ke..

  3. The lady with the porcelain skin strikes again! aigoo. her skin is so white! she looks like a doll already. keke:))
    will they perform fire? how i wish:))

  4. […] Me2day: [Updated] Dara at PSY’s Concert + Maknae Minzy ^.^ Update 1: […]

  5. Madzz_parker said:

    Happy valentines day to ohdara staffs,fellow daRalings,blackjacks and to Sandara Park.. ;D

  6. carla macahilig said:

    waaah look at her arms, so toned! reminds me i should stop procrastinating and work out already keke.. such an inspiration for everything..:)

  7. sivvie happy VDAY jive! said:

    darong is cute she forgot to post the pic then posted again!

    HAPPY VDAY DARONGIE! wonder what you are doing now!

    and Happy Valentines day too OHDARA peeps! ❤

    • In this Valentines let Dara’s bright skin up above shine below me and illuminate the rose i’m about to put behind your ear, my sweet tender sivvie. Hppy valentines to you and much love

      ….. and happy VDay to all

  8. sorry, to go off topic but just wondering if anyone knows when her interview with Myx will be broadcasted?

    • sivvie happy VDAY jive! said:

      yeah, i wonder too. hope OHDARA will post the schedule. I want to see it live ^-^

  9. Guys, I’m watching Secret Garden Special. and i just heard, Dara’s “Toodoong!”
    it started on her guesting at Strong heart , right?

  10. i miss 2ne1 performing fire!
    i miss their craziness!
    i miss dara
    wahhhh i miss them obviously.
    2NE1 Comeback Quickly!!!!!

  11. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    so happy to see, YGL cake out there..

  12. Wow i miss that dara’s look..! I really missed her close up photos or selca updates on her me2day..SHE LOOKS BETTER WITH A LONGER HAIR OR WITH HER HAIR BEING TIED..^^ much much younger

  13. Madzz_parker said:

    Ahahaha..lma0 at dara’s update ab0ut minki…^^..yeah, dara is really the true maknae..;D..tnx 4 d update g0ddess D..
    D0 u guyz read abt an article of akp?it talks abt aspiring korean actors hu are advised to debut 1st as an id0l 2b n0tice n can shift 2b actor ..d interviewee is evn fr0m YG..i think d guy is referring 2 dara,..y d0 i hav dis feeling dat yg is preparing dara 4 an acting debut?and s0on giv her exp0xur…hmmmm…excitd*

  14. is she going to perform at the concert?
    omo … Dara is so pretty !!! kyaaaa

  15. hey guys!!!! let’s vote for 2ne1 best female group at dkpopnews.. it will only takes 7 days!!! aja!!! here’s the link… http://www.dkpopnews.net/2011/02/announcement-vote-for-best-female.html

    • ….im done voting!!! kyah!!! Dara, ur so pretty!!! ^_^

    • daragonlove said:

      i’m done…pls continue voting at myx…

      • hi there. is this myx voting different from the link given above for kpop? if so, what’s the link for myx voting? would love to support 2ne1 in everything. thanks a bunch.London.xxxx

    • hi there. glad you shared this link. will surely vote for 2ne1. Re Dara: she’s so lovely. her skin is just amazing – want to caress it rofl. i want to see her hair down though because i’m loving her in her short hair. And heck yes, she’s always been supportive to her labelmates. Dara posting her labelmates’ activities in her mitu is already a publicity for her labelmates itself.call it free advert lol. way to go Dara girl! more blessings and happiness this 2011! London.xxxxxx

    • sivvie happy VDAY jive! said:

      do i just have to comment there? and type 2NE1? quite confused.

  16. i miss this look on her!

  17. Awww, lol! She updated a photo of Mingkki, she always greets her members in her mitus, but this year she didn’t greet Mingkki on her BDAY, I waited the whole day! But na-da….
    And now she updated us about it! 🙂

  18. her skin is like soft tofu…
    fire days!!! he he….
    purriti purritti no matter what you do…

  19. Dang!.. Dara so skinny!..
    Yeah well your pretty.
    Eat meat bby girl..instead of gaining fat which is unhealthy why not gain muscles instead.
    I think 2ne1 are guest performer for PSY concert

  20. i think they will perform tonight….yay….i hope for a fancam….pretty as always…maybe inlove,he3.

  21. i wish they will perform tonight. i really missed her. she’s really blooming. dara fighting!!!!!!!

  22. i gotta feeling that they will perform tonight….

  23. wow..so pretty unnie..your skin really glows..like your in love..kyaa blooming…

    so clear skin..haist wanna touch your skin..so smooth the way it looks..just like a baby..=)

    so supportive unnie..=)

  24. 2ne1shabam said:

    always supportive to all YG artists…thats why she is loved.

  25. Soo pretty!! Dara has been really busy these past few days..
    Thank you for the update santokki!
    Soo adorable in the pic! <333!!!

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  27. Her looks is just like the FIRE days, oh how I missed the old days(FIRE & IDC days)!

    • yeahh me too… not only her but other member too 🙂

    • Oh yeah those were the days indeed ^___^ even this scalp forsaking hair always look amaziing

      lol cant get over that radiant face, beaming through my screen ^^

  28. such a supportive labelmate!!!
    love her more!

  29. Are they going to be the guest? She’s so cute and very supportive!

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