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Comments on: "Photo: Dara and Jjangoo Manager" (52)

  1. is Jjangoo a manager for Dara only? Every Big Bang members have their own managers right?

  2. sivvie love jive said:

    inspired DARONG I am inspired too!


    happy valentines jive!

  3. […] Photo: Dara and Jjangoo Manager […]

  4. I think he’s one of the most popular idol managers in Korea because of Dara.

  5. Dara unnie looks so pale yet so fresh in this picture. i’m loving that black and white polka dot thing on her: She looks so cute:))
    Jjangoo manager is so cute too!:) they are so close with each other :))

  6. She’s very pretty even without make up.she looks fresh. Dara is such a simple girl with a simple dream.dara,dara,dara bright dara hwaiting!!

  7. Just a funny thought:

    What if Dara ends up with Jjang manager haha..

    Seriously speaking, their relationship as manager-talent is cute!

    • lol… but waaahhh!!!! i dont kno what to say kkk, but for now i like jjango manager eh! love their closeness.

      • if he’d take care of dara…and love her..above anyone else..haha…
        i’m up for anyone who can make dara happy…

    • Nothing wrong if they end up as a loving couple. But who want to see Dara facing the kitchen all the time?

      • I think Dara loves him so much as a brother or as a friend not just a Manager because she likes to tease him and cuddle with him… maybe it’s a platonic love between the two, as part of my observation I have the feeling that he’s a gay? did any of you guys notice same as what I’ve noticed?

      • Green Mango said:

        Why does it have to be Dara who will always have to prepare the meal?

        • Jive loves mangy said:

          She dont, but with jjango i’m afraid she have to. The guy looks hungry all the time ^_^

          • I don’t have any date this valentine’s day, jive.

            Are you available and ready to forget dara momentarily? pwhahaha

            and lol yeah it looks like dara will be cooking for him always.

            and dara seriously look good with anyone!! they have chemistry too!

  8. Janggo manager is getting very famous,,,, where else could you see an artists very close and updates off an on cam together with the manager,,, soon he might go together with Dara for a CF,, that would probably advertising a food

    • WOW….a great idea!!!
      I imagine the scene Dara and Jjiangoo have “food fight”…for advvertising a food.hahaha…

  9. Dara’s eyes are glowing and her skin is just WOW! I envy. kekeke. Jjiango manager is so cute, I want to pinch his cheeks. 😀

  10. Dara looks so fresh & beautiful in this pic. I can’t wait for her next CF.

  11. i smell a new “shipping” LMAO!

  12. if there’s a guy the fanboys should be jealous of,
    *well except won bin coz he’s dara’s ideal man*

  13. i think dara is wearing a dress here coz his manager is wearing a formal dress

  14. mary_pink31 said:

    I love Jjangoo manager…hehehehehe… Their relationship is like CL and Yanggaeng before…is he 2ne1s manager or just dara’s manager?

  15. L0l!jjang60 manager’s eyes is just lyk a curve line..

  16. jjangoo manager so cute! 😀

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