Much love to love2ne1 for the info. and tip! <333

source: ystarchannel3

I can sense that some will ask for subs…and you know we don’t have a subbing team yet (IF YOU WANNA APPLY JUST E-MAIL US <3) hehehe! So to make up for it, here’s an Empress Dara gif shared by xinping @twitter 😀

SOURCE: by ~xinping2016 @DEVIANTART

Comments on: "Video: YStar news regarding 2NE1’s collab with Will.I.Am" (15)

  1. This US debut if it ever happens and succeeded means only one thing for me: Dara’s ultimate rise as an international artist. Save the korean acting and Tv hosting. This one for me is a real deal

  2. got this from dc2ne1… tracking back’s tweets during may when 2ne1 possibly could have been in london, recording with him:

    I wrote 6songs tonite, if and when they become “monsters” I will remember the past 4 days and the energy I was around that inspired them
    7:14 PM May 4th

    What a sleep…”Boy did I need that” 5days straight at 1million mph…(Now I’m going to write a song)…build up build up release…
    8:58 AM May 4th

    Ahh the memories…(Most of monkey business was created here)…we lived in chiswick for many months…”London is our 2nd home”
    2:09 AM May 4th

    Look out london town…I love recording here…(We recorded Out of my head, imma be, missing u, and electricity in london)
    2:03 AM May 4th

    • sweepberry said:

      Is that I am seeing a title song among those tweets??
      If it is wee!

    • Mathel 828 said:

      Oh my gosh, these are tweets by Will.I.Am… I love him and I love BEP… I love 2NE1… I am still in awe with this collab… I feel like I am sleepwalking dreaming about this comeback … I still can’t believe it… Can’t still contain my excitement… Can’t wait for these new songs…

      I lived in Chiswick too for a year by the Thames River… I am now remembering how I loved it… imagining what he is talking about… sigh…

      • Wow these people and things managed to connect themselves to give u a bliss u cant contain. What a treat, u lucky girl ^_^

  3. yeba! 😀

    2NE1 Nolja!
    Blackjacks Nolja!

  4. 2ne1shabam said:



  5. God bless 2ne1, especially dara! 🙂

  6. love the vid let us be united hehehhe for 2e1 success

  7. Mathel 828 said:

    It is going to be a wildfire that will be too hard to contain… simply amazing…

  8. toanyone21 said:

    first news??? kekeke. go, go, go!!!

  9. sweepberry said:

    I think the media are quite still in shock about what they got heard about the girls and about the Foreign debut. 😀

  10. Oh YEAH 2NE1 is BACK !!

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