Original Title: Full Letter from YG – 2NE1’s September Comeback Confirmed!

2NE1’s Full First Album Release

This coming September 9th… is scheduled as the day that 2NE1’s first full length album will be released.

Out of the total 12 tracks on the first album titled <To Anyone>, 6 of the songs are new songs, 4 are the previously released digital singles, and 2 bonus tracks are planned to be released.

Last time, 2NE1 had conducted the unique promotion style of 1 performance a week.  As a result, we think that 2NE1 fans must be really curious about how the first full album’s promotions will be run.

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2NE1’s Unique Promotions

2NE1’s first full length album will have 3 official title songs.  These title songs will be all equally promoted simultaneously

Occasionally, as a producer, I’ve heard the words “double title track” a couple times before but, this is the first time that I’ve heard of a triple title track and I’m sure everyone will find it a little strange.

The trouble with setting more than one title song is that, budget for producing music videos at the same time, in addition time (itself), is a huge burden.  Also if the song doesn’t become accepted favorably by the public, it will perform poorly on charts.  And as a result it was a difficult plan of action to carry out.

Out of the 4 main TV programs, 3 of them are music chart programs, and so even if it was a double title track situation, the broadcasting companies only want songs that will climb high on the charts and so the truth is that we expect there to be a lot of difficulties but

Even still, our reason for taking such a difficult road, is that rather than wanting to hit first place, we really want to display 2NE1’s various and diverse music styles.

Of course, the order and the methods were different.  In G-Dragon’s situation, aside from his first album’s title song, “HEARTBREAKER”, a music video was also produced for “BREATHE”, “BUTTERFLY”, and “A Boy”.

In Taeyang’s situation, his full album release was delayed.  After the release of his digital singles “WHERE U AT” and “Wedding Dress”, he followed with activities with songs from his first full length album, “I NEED A GIRL” and “I’LL BE THERE” and for the same reason, it is possible to be done.

Of course out of 2NE1’s title tracks, one song will have an English version as well, and it is planned to be revealed at the same time on an overseas channel.

This coming September 9th at 12AM.. The three title song’s music videos, along with the full first length album will be released all in one package.

2NE1’s music collaboration with “Will. I. Am”

Several months ago, 2NE1 teamed up with Black Eyed Peas’ leader and producer Will.I.Am.

Of course this is my opinion but if I had to pick one producer among famous Western ones out there, it would probably be Will.I.Am.

It’s because, as everyone knows, in 2009, the he recorded many hit singles with The Black Eyed Peas including “Boom Boom Pow,” “I Gotta Feeling,” “Imma Be,” and “Rock That Body,” in their album <THE E.N.D>. In addition, there was “Satisfaction,” by John Legend, who actually visited Korea, “in the ayer” by Flo-Rida, and Usher’s “O.M.G.” among others.

After Will.I.am was introduced to 2NE1 through their music video by a close friend, he immediately wanted to try producing for them, and revealed that if 2NE1 were to promote in America, he would personally help them. Thus the opportunity for Will.I.Am and 2NE1 to collaborate appeared.

Everyone was shocked by Will.I.Am’s completely unimaginable reaction.

Before, working with Will.I.Am was only considered a dream for 2NE1 but now it has become reality. Traveling to LA and London, among other places in 3 turns, and after producing music for approximately 3 weeks, right now they have finished recording 10 songs.

For “Will.I.Am” to produce so many songs that are not even for his own albums like this
Is truly rare.

The album was produced while keeping their American debut in mind, all the 10 songs have been recorded in English. Since 3 members are fluent in English out of 2NE1, recording of the album went much easier than imagined.

2NE1’s plans to Debut in America

Even up till now, 2NE1’s plans to debut in America or the time frame they are planned to debut is not solid.

Since currently, “Will. I. Am” is on his “Black Eyed Peas” world tour, in addition, he is also working on the next album for “Black Eyed Peas”, considering all these situations,  it seems like it’ll be difficult for 2NE1 to debut in America this current year.

Although we’re consulting “Will.I.Am” who holds the key to 2NE1’s American debut for future plans and decisions, we are trying to avoid keeping 2NE1 in the US for promotions for a very long time.

We don’t want to neglect their Korean activities from which they’ve received so much love from, in addition next year, with plans to do large scale promotions in Japan for the first time ever, we are trying to plan the most efficient method to promote in three countries at the same time .

YG’s main producer, TEDDY, who has aided with 2NE1’s American recordings participated in the producing of all of the songs with “Will. I. Am” but since the two are far apart from each other. Sooner or later, Teddy is planning to leave the country to produce with other famous producers. Being able to produce together with those people, I certainly anticipating this to impact YG’s music in the future.

The process of recording with “Will.I.Am” will be broadcasted during “2NE1TV Season 2” starting in September on M.NET.

Source: http://www.ygfamily.com
Translated by GEE & elise @ ygladies.com

ORIGINAL TITLE: 2NE1 is working with Will.I.Am for their American debut!

Posted on August 17, 2010 by sookyeong

Just 1 year into their debut, girlgroup 2NE1 will be working with Will.I.Am. music producer and the leader of group Black Eyed Peas for their American music market debut.

Yang HyunSeok revealed on 17th August, “2NE1 has been working with music producer Will.I.Am for the past few months. Through a close acquaintance, we were given the chance to show Will.I.Am 2NE1′s MV and after seeing the MV, Will.I.Am said he wanted to do music production for 2NE1 for their American debut.”

“2NE1 and Will.I.Am has been working on the music production on 3 windows for about 3 weeks in cities like L.A and London and currently they have finished recording about 10 songs.”

It was also revealed that all the 10 songs were recorded in English and since 3 members from 2NE1 is fluent in English, the recording was completed earlier than expected.

And about the girls’ debuting in America, YG said, “As to the concrete plans and time period the girls will debut in the States, we have not decided on them yet. But since Will.I.Am will be busy for his concert tour and Black Eyed Pea’s upcoming new album, it will most probably not happen within this year.”

“Plans for 2NE1′s American debut, we will be consulting Will.I.Am on plans and decisions, since he will be the key for their debut in the States. But we will stay away from the idea of 2NE1 promoting long term and staying in the States. Since the girls have received great love from fans in Korea, we will not have them neglect their activities in Korea. Furthermore, they will also be debuting in Japan early next year. Hence we will need to come up with a plan for the girls to be able to promote at the same time in 3 countries.”

S: OSEN + KBites


It’s been a long time coming but they’re here now–well, almost. YG Entertainment’s butt kicking girl group 2NE1 is set to make their comeback next month in September with their first full length album To Anyone!

Big daddy YG (aka Yang Hyun Suk) surprised fans with a big slap in the face as he put up a post on the YG Entertainment homepage titled ‘Message from YG’. It’s quite a long passage but to sum it up, 2NE1 will be returning on September 9th with a 12 track album titled To Anyone. Six of the tracks will be brand new with four being their past digital singles and an additional two bonus tracks.

3 of the tracks will be title tracks and the MV for them all will be out at midnight on September 9th together with the album. There will be no teasers at all.

It’s also been reported that the girls traveled to LA and London to work with Black Eyed Peas leaderWill.I.Am in order to create the music on their album. Apparently he was given the chance to see one of their videos and almost immediately decided that he wanted to help produce their work.

In addition, plans for them to debut in America are undecided as yet but they will expand into Japan early next year. Also, 2NE1TV Season 2 will be shown in September instead.

Lots of more exciting stuff is bound to be headed our way so be sure to stay tuned!

TITLE: 2NE1 to make their comeback in September!

by shockimpulse on August 16, 2010 at 11:01 pm @allkpop


Thanks to tangerine_24 for the tip 😀

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  3. lorenadenise said:

    i’m crying right now.the waiting is worthy.and now i’m excited for the girls and to all the fans of 2NE1.

  4. please..i’m a bit confused..YG mentioned that there’s 3 members who are fluent in englsih..so who’s not?I mean there’s 4 of them.. so who’s not fluent in english?
    I thought the 4 of them can speak english fluently..

    • sweepberry said:

      actually, Minji is still studying English… so its like saying one out of the four is not yet polished to speak English. 😀

  5. Great..great.. great.. effing great.. bravo for 2ne1 girls!!!

  6. Wow! So sweet! I can’t contain my excitement for 2NE1’s comeback. I will definitely watch 2NE1TV season 2 plus buying their latest album “To Anyone” and of course watching them perform live while waiting for their US/Japan debut and also for their Int’l album w/ 10 English Songs (Yes!) What a sweet treat indeed! I went to All Kpop yesterday and the post there was only 700 and now it’s 4000 plus. 2NE1/Blackjacks fighting!!! ^_^

  7. sweepberry said:


    One day, Little Sandy(Dara) watched ‘So-Taji & Boys’ on TV…
    There She Dreamed to be a ‘Singer’ in the future…

    Then She Dreamed to go back to KR during her stay in PH…
    There She Dreamed to be Happy, knowing going back was a Far Dream……

    Then She Dreamed to have friends in PH, for she have none…
    There She Dreamed to Sing a song on stage at the very first time, knowing to get some…

    Then She Dreamed to be a ‘Artist’ in a Reality Show (SCQ)…
    There She Dreamed to be a Great Entertainer after…

    And Then She Dreamed to be a ‘Star’ in KR…
    There She Dreamed to be a Singer in her Career…
    Then She Dreamed to be included in Girl Group -2NE1…

    Then She Dreamed to be Successful in their performance…
    There She Dreamed to Improve and Evolve her Skills…

    Then She Dreamed to be ‘2ne1’s mascot’…
    There She Dreamed to Update Blackjacks w/ bounty sweets!…

    Then She Dreamed to have a Date, sooner… (YG: 5 years to go!)
    There She Dreamed to have it shorter… (YG: Ok make it 3 yrs.)

    Then She Dreamed to have a Boyfriend…(lots of candidates!)
    There She Dreamed to have a Younger & Strong hubby… 😀

    Then She Dreamed to Please Blackjacks to not to worry…
    There She Dreamed to make their Comeback ‘Sooner’…

    Then She Dreamed to be a Stylish Empress… kekeke
    Then She Dreamed BIG… BIG… Dreams!
    There She slept at 5:30 Am… (LOL, can’t think more)

    Empress D! Sweet Dreams!!

    PS. Well Dreaming isn’t Bad At ALL!! weeee!
    Keep Dreaming Peeps!!

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    guys! I’m so excited for 2ne1’s debut! but will someone answer me why I can’t post at soompi? i already made my account and had 3 total posts but can’t access there….huhuhu.someone help me. I want to spazz there too.

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    Their dreams are coming true..
    Blackjacks are always there for you girls..
    Hope everything will be successfull.
    I believe in YG, he will not risk the girls career just like that~he knows the best time and he knows how to do it..

    Can’t wait for their comeback!
    YG thanks you for this great news..we’ve been praying for this..

    2ne1 NOLJA

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    just noticed YG said the album is going to be released on Sept. 9th but what about the comeback stage?? when will it be? please enlighten me on this one..thanks 😀

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  48. jetsetter said:

    might as well add that the Black Eyed Peas are under Interscope,so the p0ssibility is high that the Interscope president made this collab possible..4 all we know,we might even see a Lady Gaga-2NE1 collab in the future..How cool would that be (yeah Lady Gaga might be too weird 4 s0me but her music genius can’t be denied)…If 2NE1 does take on an American debut,at least they got s0me pretty legit c0nnecti0ns already (Interscope,Will.I.Am,Jeremy Scott,heck even Perez Hilton is fangay-ing them hehe)

  49. jetsetter said:

    i d0n’t think apl of bep intr0duced 2ne1 to will.i.am…i’m guessing 8s the interscope pressident (jimmy iovine?pls correct me if i’m wr0ng w/ the name lol) who’s the acquaintance yg is referring to…

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  51. sweepberry said:




    For “Will.I.Am” to produce so many songs that are not even for his own albums like this
    Is truly rare.

    3 Countries at the same time.

    10 songs recorded…

    Damn that is so EPIC 2ne1 is the Baddest Girl Group!

    • sweepberry said:

      and I forgot this too…

      The process of recording with “Will.I.Am” will be broadcasted during “2NE1TV Season 2″ starting in September on M.NET.

      Aigoo! Can’t wait for a good September 2ne1 OUTBREAK!! >0<

  52. Leirene05 said:

    OMG!!!!!at last the moment we been waiting for 2NE1 comeback. ^_^
    your a genius YG collaboration w/ Will I Am. AWESOME!
    on Sept 9 BLACKJACK, Let’s go party move that body! kekeke……2ne1Fighting!

    countdown: 23 more days left

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    i hope it’ll be featured
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  59. xogossipgirlxo said:



  60. 2ne1…to anyone…are you ready!!!!!! yes we are!!!!!!

    i can’t wait for september 9th to come…in a few weeks 2ne1’s
    CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY will be back! with the release of their new full album and mnet’s season 2 of 2ne1tv. who can ask for more??!!!

    thanks to yg pres’ press release, we can now hope for 2ne1’s comeback for real! they really have planned it out, i’m so thankful and glad they have will.i.am to produce a song or even help their group when they debut in the states…how lucky can they get??!! gotta have the right connections right?!

    a full length album, and english song (not to mention they have recorded 10 songs in english too! getting ready for a future debut) and a reality tv…wow!!! yg pres loves 2ne1! they gotta be busy by september!!

    i definitely agree that numbers must be lucky..and 21 is indeed a lucky one!

    2ne1 fighting!!!

    • sweepberry said:

      Its a Blackjack!! 21 is a lucky number! ^.^
      KPOP will be under a Tsunami at September 9, 2010.

      Countdown is starting on… D-Day is T-minus 23 days to go!!

  61. Omg! I just read it.
    Sept 9th comes fast, music charts are going to be fulfilled by 2NE1’s hits. Korea is going to explode!! Haha… That’s is a little too much!. But I doubt it will be. ^^
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to preoder the new album…. yeah yeah….

  62. 2ne1charm said:

    im soooooo excited!!!!!!! whewwwww Im very Happy ryt now… tears of joy coming out in my eyes *.*
    i know ryt! YG love surprises.. im very proud of 2ne1! its worth the wait! cnt explain how happy i am to hear the news as wat wve all waiting for!
    the countdown begins now! and on the day, brace ourselves for the big explosion! BAAAAANNNGGGG!
    2NE1 take the LEAD!

  63. Holy ****!!! (pardon me)

    This is seriously awesome. I couldn’t wait for 2ne1tv, but now, I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2NE1 TV!

    I want to cry. Being a(n im)patient BlackJack has its rewards.

    Long live Empress Dara and 2NE1!

  64. Im so excited in 2ne1 comeback !!!!

    Well, In american debut Im confident that 2ne1 got a big hit in a billboard chart mark my words …. hehehhe

    2NE1 has a talent to show up the world, aside for their looks their magnificent charisma is really undeniable. Their powerful femine style of expressing music is a dominant among the different artist.

    Can you see this toughest girl group has a long way….

    I hope YG Ent will take care of them well & make a perfect right decision. I believe that they have a bright plan for 2ne1 that bring them huge of success in the coming future.

    So—- 2NE1 GOO GOO GOO ! ! ! ! ! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! ! ! !
    2NE1 GOO GOO GOO ! ! ! ! ! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! ! ! !
    2NE1 GOO GOO GOO ! ! ! ! ! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! ! ! !

    >>>>>> G O O D L U C K<<<<<

    as your FANS myself & a million FANS out there ….
    We always support you all the way

    & also i want to cheer DARA as part of 2ne1. She deserve to be there. Im happy for her … She improve a lot from singing & dancing.
    that's why Im proud of her …. (clap clap clap)

    It's her dream come true ! ! ! !
    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara
    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara
    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara
    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara
    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara


    Mwaaaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

  65. yay!!!….it just shows how freggin big of an impact 2ne1 has had and will keep giving!!!!!…YG hit GOLD with these girls<3…america is more than ready!!!…i've been wishing for them to come to america!!!…but did it just say TEDDY will leave the country(korea???)…:(…is it temporary???…

    • it could be long term i think if all goes well
      Teddy has dual citizenship anyway so he’s always going back to the US
      im really happy for him too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. @jangy
    Oh, that’s cool!
    Thank you so much!

  67. anonyMOEs said:

    Oh what a HAPPY DAY!! I want to pre-order my album already!!!!!ahahaha im too excited ….pls August go faster i want to see September!!!

  68. i wish everyday would be like this..full of surprises.. 2ne1 esp. dara unnie – the only cure of my boredom… good vibes!!!

  69. @jangy
    Oh, sweetie!
    Anyways, I’m here in italy!
    Huhuhu, do you think I can buy/order the album easily?

  70. Wahh, I’m so excited for 2ne1tv s2!
    We can see will.I.am, yoohoo!

    And oh, I also remember,
    I commented before in the past article here,
    That what if they’re going to have a collab. W/ B.E.P!
    Wahh, and here it is!
    Although it’s not actually w/ the whole gang,
    But I’m fine w/ it!
    Gosh, guys!
    I read these 3 times already,
    Hahahah, lol!
    Excited much!
    And this is like my 3rd comment already!
    September, I so love September!

  71. Gosh, while reading the new update msg. From papa YG,
    My heart is beating so fast!
    I really want to go back to sleep,
    Coz I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, Which is really weird for me,
    And it’s 8:41 here,
    But now I can’t sleep anymore because of this!
    My parents are going to ask me for sure why I woke up so early,
    Since I always wake up late!

    Guys, let’s all buy the album when it’s out!
    But anyways, how can I buy it?
    Any tips guys?
    Please help me!

    • yes, of course we must support 2NE1 🙂
      there YGeshop
      various online resellers
      where u at?

  72. WOWZA!
    YG never cease to surprise me.

    i knew that the painful wait was all worth it.
    super excited for d- day.

    could it be possible that apl.d.ap introduced 2ne1 to will.i.am?
    will.i.am/BEP and 2NE1. dopest.

    2NE1 Nolja!
    Blackjacks Nolja!

  73. OMIIIIGGGGGAAAADDD!! YG is really something. So much for being the best Sajangnim ever! My ghaa! Working with Will.I.Am and debuting in USA that is one heck of an opportunity. But good thing about it is that they want to go on with promoting both in Korea and in the US. They are not rushing in to anything. That’s a good thing! The wait is definitely worth it! 2NE1 Fighting!

  74. I just arrive home from school. And what do I get? THIS! I’m GOING CRAZY!! XD This is so amazing!!! I can’t wait, I was heck screaming when I read this!! And promoting in America? >.< Even thou it won't happen soon <.< I'm still anticipating! And Dangg! With Will.I.Am's help? How great is that.. They really are impressive!! They'll be a HOT topic in no time!! And ENGLISH SONGS? Wahahah… I'll be able to sing their song with n0 worries 😛 2NE1 is THE BOMB in KPOP 😀


    And starting today I will include in my prayers that their new album would become a hit so THAT AMERICAN DEBUT WITH Will I AM will push thru and hopefully they can break the barriers.

    It will be so darn hard but hopefully it is in their destiny.

    ANYWAYS, I will just take one day at a time and so, priority will be the KOREAN ALBUM and PROMOTIONS! God bless YG and please take care of the girls especially DARA!!!

    I am proud to be a BLACKJACK, an APPLER, a VIP, a YGL fanatic, a DGH addict and an OH DARA super duper FAN to the nth power!!!!

  76. Mathel 828 said:

    “To Anyone” by 2NE1… very smart choice of Album Title…

  77. 2ne1shabam said:

    blank stare o_O
    Pinrolling fingers ^_^
    Occulogyric crisis
    Died of happiness~

  78. wow! just wow! i’m so happy and proud of the girls! YG is jjang! ^.^

    sept 9 = epic comeback!

  79. woot! woot! our gurls comin’ back! woot! woot!

  80. About 2ne1’s american debut, I think they will not go to America for full-time promotions. Maybe they can do some concert and Televison guestings from time to time. Of course this will be depending on the reception of their English Album if there will be any. I am sure YG is not gonna do what JYP did to Wondergirls.

    • i believe ur right
      if it’s a hit and there are invites to guest shows then im sure theyll go for it ^^

  81. whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa… (shout shout)
    this is great!!
    english song and with wil.i.am…
    thats freakn COOL!!
    way to go 2NE1!!
    countdown starts NOw!!

  82. I just log in to my computer and the first thing to stumble me in front of my pc is this GREAT NEWS?! like SERIOUSLY is there anymore MORE AWESOME than this???? i’m gathering all my thoughts together, collecting my consciousness co’z i think i just DIED WENT TO HEAVEN AND NOW GOT RESURRECTED FROM THIS EPICNESS!!!

  83. OH WOOW!!!! 😀 They’re seriously going to be debuting in America?!?! GAHHH!!!! I’m so excited!!!! SEPT!!! GAH! I’M GOING CRAZY!!!!
    Their comeback is going to be HOT. as in HOT HOT!!! 3 countries?! WAHHH! Soo much to anticipate!!!! 😀

  84. yg really love 21 isn’t it ?
    his baby was born 2:01 pm
    09-09-2010 equal 21
    now lets have a countdown

  85. onehappycamper said:

    and that my friends is how you do a friggin COMEBACK!!!!

    hell yeah!

  86. now my friends wont think im silly listening to Korean music!@
    English songs ftw HAHAHAHHAHA!

  87. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YG I LOVE U!
    I know i was frustrated this past weeks from missing 2NE1 so much but ive always believed u have great things in store for them and us Blackjacks!
    I LOVE U!

  88. OMG! I love this news! To bits! To Anyone NOLJA!!!!

  89. WOW! 2ne1 debut in america and japan? and considiring they’re a rookie group! well the best rookie group! ;-D

    WORLD get ready for 2NE1!


  90. I died after reading this article.. lols.. omg… i hope this is for real now!!!! time to spazzzzz!!! i want to screaaaaammmmmm.. aaaahhhhhhh 🙂

  91. OOMYGODDD! thank u :A
    i’m really HAPPY! ‘m just jumping around i look like a crazy!!
    because of this great’s news!
    OMG! i’m so HAPPY!
    i want to scream 2NE1 it’s the TIME forr urr COMEBACKK!
    (SEPT 9) oh i’m waiting that day!
    hopefully was it tomorrow! but i know that waiting is worth!
    BLACJACK’s let’s wait! just a little more
    2NE1~ 44eveerrr!! n,n

  92. What’s you’re P.O.V about our babies debuting in america, guys?
    Well, for me is a NO!
    I mean not right now or next year,
    As long as I want them to debut in america,
    But I think they are not yet ready!
    Or maybe it’s just me!

    On the side note,
    I’m so excited for their comeback!

    • they are ready
      America is ready
      theyll be a breath of fresh air ^^
      they can do it!

      • Mathel 828 said:

        Amen to that… I think they are ripe to debut here in the US… And the US is so ready for them… And besides anything with Will.I.Am of BEP is always a BIG HUMONGOUS HIT… Most songs he had written and co-written are phenomenal like Boom Boom Pow, Where Is the Love?, My Humps, I Gotta Feeling, etc…

        • i actually think they are ready cause 3 of the members are fluent in english and can communicate well with american people plus there voice is not a cutie voice or pa cute voice. they have the voice that same as american artist compared to other group, and of course they have will.i am. which is well known producing with top hits songs..:)) i think they can do well.! they have charisma that can capture immediately to the audience.:))

    • Same here! I know they’re reeeally awesome but i think it’s too early for them to debut in the states. But i guess it’s not gonna happen soon even though they’re working on it will.i.am already. Im sure yg will make sure first that the girls are ready and so is america.

      • Well, I just love 2ne1 so much that i don’t want them to just jump easily into something. I’d like them to do things slowly but surely. But i believe in yg. Im sure he won’t make any decisions without really thinking about them. 🙂

      • Crazy4Dara said:

        I kinda agree w/ you. They need to be really prepared before they debut in the US. I want them to debut w/ a Bang!, & really show the US music scene of what they can do.

    • I don’t want them to come here in US either~ I kno theyre awesome and all, but they just debuted last year~ they’re not kpop veterans like bigbang, WG, se7en or BOA~ shoot even bigbang took a LONG time before debuting in JAPAN~ so 2ne1 here in the US already is such a BIG step~ actually i think they should stay in Korea for like 3-4 yrs before US tbh~ plus we can all admit that those people who tried to make it big here on US; they come back to korea and their fanbase is not as it was~ especially WG and boa~ my point is.. I don’t want my girls losin their HUGE fame in Korea like the WG (who lost it to snsd) and Also be called by Americans as ‘asian lady gaga copycats’ or ‘asians tryin to act all gangsta’~ coz be honest, the American audience can be harsh sometimes~ but I guess since YG saw how successful taeyang got in iTunes, I guess he’s gona do it too for 2ne1

  93. kalorkesh said:

    yepey!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome..my goodness..finally 2ne1 is coming back!!!!!!!..i can’t hide my excitement..lol
    and oh..american debut..anticipating!!!!go..go..go..2ne1!!!

  94. OMG!! I can’t help but to comment here suddenly! What a great day for us blackjacks!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Lord for this wonderful news!

  95. OMG! That is soo cool! They worked with Will.I.Am?!!
    That is such a big plus when debuting in America!! Waaaah!
    I was hoping they’d debut before school starts again but I guess that’s okay=D

    I mean they’re going to release everything on the same day so we don’t have to wait…:)))

  96. Wait, the 10 english songs they’ve recorded are different from the ones they’ll be releasing on sep 9 right? Coz if they’ll be releasing 12 songs and 4 of them are their past digi singles then it really must be different from the 10 eng songs they’re talking about..

  97. YES!!! Finally, their coming back!! 2ne1 is going to dominate the kpop industry again with a blast. I’m also excited to their upcoming songs and mvs. I’ll mark my calendar for their comeback. 😀

  98. i just want to ask…
    3 girls are fluent in english? may i know who are they?
    is it dara,bom and cl?

  99. Waah. This has been the best news for the day!!! Thank you. I knew it’d be be worth the wait. Fighting 2ne1! 🙂

  100. OMG! English versions! OMG!


  102. OMG! It’s just so great, but Sept 9th is still too far away!
    3 members speak influent english, I think they are our Empress, Bom and CL.
    Yayaya, Sept 9th comes fast.

  103. Lol! Im like shaking while reading this news on my ipod! Hahahha!! Waa this is craaazy!!!!!! I’M SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • issahgannee said:

      ..ahahah.. me tOoOoOo.. i was thinking whO’s that cLose friend whO intrOduced 2ne1 to wiLL.i.am.. maybe it was AppLe de ap since he’s a fiLipinO.. or maybe nOt.. weLL.. im just sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!.. sOoOongs in ENGLISH???… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!….^_^

  104. OMG! i just wanna sleep right now and wake up on Sept 9!!! I can’t wait any longer!

  105. Mathel 828 said:

    Oh my gosh… He is amazing… I had seen BEP concert live and they are the best… Will.I.Am is just so magnetic… 2NE1 with Will.I.Am… I just wanna cry out of joy right now….

  106. this news is so overwhelming! and i love it! 3 title tracks? 3 MVs? To be released on the same day? waaaaaaaaaa <3333

  107. Crazy4Dara said:

    OMG!!!! This is the news that I’ve been waiting for!!!!! Their comeback is coming!!!!!

    Papa YG, pls don’t postpone it anymore. I really miss the girls!!!

  108. omg there coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well i said it on my mind maybe it will released on september and oh my gosh..it’s true,,because last year g-dragon out her album on september first week if i’m not wrong.well this i’m so excited.

    • WOW Amazing not even any teaser are you kidding! Dude YG are for real they wouldnt even show any hints b/c they want there comeback to be unexpected.
      Like how wondergirls key was the jonas brothers and 2NE1 key is Will.I.AM.i think when there probably done with the japan and korean activities then it probably time for Will.I.Am to have free time to help the girls on there deput in america.
      so there in korea for just maybe 5 or 4 months and they will start there japan activity and maybe next yeaar they will make ther america deput,maybe.

      • yes!it’s true or maybe i’m just crazy thinking of 2ne1’s comeback everyday hahahaha..let’s just celebrate and hurray!!!!!!!!!

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