Photos: Pre-debut days!

Sources: pinoyexchange + HERE

Thank you mitch82 for the tip! ❤

Comments on: "Photos: Pre-debut days!" (8)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    I love the 5th pic. I didn’t know until now that Jake Cuenca is that good-looking! Dara and Jake looks good together too. 🙂

  2. ahh. look at those cute chubby cheeks

  3. Anonymous said:

    Are my eyes deceiving me or does she look older in these photos that she does now?! Tell me your secrets Dara!

    • that is because of the make-up. i love make-up artists in Korea! their style is so light and looks natural unlike we have in the Phils. Credits to Dara’s hair color and style as well. She looks more fresh and vibrant.

  4. beautiful then, now and forever!..waahhhh goddess D, am falling for you!…

  5. love the 1st pic Dara soo cute! <33

  6. Goddess wearng a skirt!! 😀 dat a ‘krystala’ costume she’s wearng?..

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