DJ Choi Hwa Jung shows the mic/pen gift, she received from Dara during her KBS WinWin guesting, to the MBLAQ boys. 🙂 Bonus: Check out Doongie’s kiss <333

Credit: absolutemblaqchannel


2NE1 girls spoke in Japanese 🙂 Dara’s so kawaii and so hyper <333

Credit: ohdara2


Thanks to Daphne84 and Cherry84Addict@twitter for the tip 🙂

Comments on: "Videos: Dara’s Mic/Pen Gift @ SBS Power FM + 2NE1 @ MTV Japan BTS" (7)

  1. LOL at seungri and cl’s handshake =))

  2. yayaayaya said:

    suengri haha

  3. tamtamie said:

    waah~ Dara is so cute…
    she’s definitely wants to learn Japanese…
    i can see her passion on that simple statement…
    even though we know that she just introduce herself…kkk~
    its so nice that DJ Choi is using Dara’s gift…^^
    i really love MBLAQ! ❤ ^^

  4. MzXaseangurl said:

    MBLAQ so awkward when mentioned Dara ahahaha Mirs awkward smile so cute

  5. xxk83nxx said:

    love both vids… XD the second one is awesome… XD

  6. dara so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii…

  7. yay cant view it just yet.

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