Sandara Park is on Naver’s Musician’s Choice on June 14, 2010.


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Musician’s Choice – Sandara Park Enjoyed Listening to Fresh, Classic Pop Music in her Teens

Sandara Park (26), one of the four members of girl group, 2NE1, has the most refreshing voice in the group. While other members party it up and groove and pump to the music of stylish, black rap, Sandara has a clear, fresh voice that is heart-breakingly gentle most of the time. Because of this, fans think that she may be “playing by herself” but she has played the important role of neutralizing the black music with her own taste of pop music colors; thus, she emerged as the unique member to add freshness to the group.

“At first, our group’s style of music wasn’t my favorite style. That was one of the genres that I haven’t heard of much. But our leader, CL, who was both familiar and comfortable with the style, helped me a lot, for which I’m glad. Now I have fit in into the black music genre, so much so that it feels awkward if the song doesn’t have a rap.”

Now that she has mixed her own style of music into the music, it has become more refreshing. Understanding black music and infusing her own style into it, was not easy, but doing so has given her courage and confidence.

Many already know that Sandara Park had lived in the Philippines since she was in 5th grade of Elementary School. From that early age, she was so shy that she couldn’t even look at her classmates on their faces. “I didn’t even make friends or talk to the people in my class. I was bad in English, so I became very lonely; and when I became bored and gloomy, I turned to music while hiding in a dark room. Back in the Philippines, it was really easy to listen to the latest music from the United States. I guess that there wasn’t a day that passed when I didn’t listen to music.”

It was a “shocking incident” when the young, shy girl, who always crouched low in school festivals and bowed her head during group singing, went on and climbed the stage on one school festival. When she went on to debut in the Philippines, many people were suprised, saying “how could a girl who can’t even talk, sing?” amazing many. “I think that all the songs that I heard when I was alone, got stuck in my throat and wanted to get out. Around that time, the only place to do it was the school stage, and though I was afraid, I had to let the music out. That was the time when my passion for music opened, I guess.”

“The classic pop music I enjoyed in my teen days that influenced my fresh music today,” the subject for this week’s Musician’s Choice, has many meanings. It was the friend who comforted her during the difficult days and the main reason who influenced the person she is today. “Nowadays, people have grown up listening to black music, as opposed to me who grew up listening to pop music, and that’s why I can seem to show my own uniqueness. These classic pop songs are the ones that I frequently listen to when old memories come up, or when I’m exercising.”

Though Sandara Park and her group are on hiatus, she is still busy. Between their advertisement shoots, vocal and choreography practice, and even Japanese lessons, there is no time to rest. But she stresses that there are still so many things that she wants to do. “Singing is something that I already do, so I want to try acting and going on variety shows too. Honestly, I don’t think I do very well on variety shows, but I feel that they are really interesting and fun. Dae-Sung of Big Bang, has a lot of sense in variety shows, and his reactions to different situations are good; I really want to learn from him. Ho Ho!”

Dara’s Choices

Sandara Park’s First Album Choice: Destiny’s Child – Survivor

This is the third album of the group consisting of Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly. I discovered this album around the time I graduated from High School. Their song “Brown Eyes” was already a hit in the campus and even out in the streeet, so I hear it a lot. Honestly, this group’s music is a bit different from what I normally listen to, plus the songs are hard to sing along with. But all of their songs are really good and come with their personal charm. Above all, I think I liked the groups with trios the most. I’ve dreamt of groups a lot. What I love about groups is that they are able to sing songs that can’t be sung solo. Although there are lots of different voices coming together, performing live on stage would be more fun and impressive with groups. Before, I used to think that Americans were a bit scary and huge, but because of this group, I came to think that they can be cute too!

Sandara Park’s Second Album Choice: Christina Aguilera – Christina Aguilera

Following the footsteps of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera released her debut album in 1999, when she was 18 years old. I really liked the song “Come On Over” in particular, since I found it really cute. I bought this album and would listen to both sides of the tape everyday. How could such a tiny frame and cute face, have such a powerful voice, still amazes me. Her style in music is also different from my taste, but I learned to completely love her music. Personally, I prefer her songs from her earlier years. Later on, her style became more sexy and sultry, making it very difficult to follow. In this album, other than R&B, soul, and dance songs, there were a lot of varieties as well.
Sandara Park’s Third Album Choice: Britney Spears – Baby One More Time

This is Britney Spears’s debut album, introduced in 1999, and was one of the trend setters that year. I sang most of the songs in the album. Her songs almost have this “fairy-like dream” quality to them, and I dream of singing them on stage too. Her “Pop Princess” image influenced a lot in idol music. Britney had these unique songs, coupled with wonderful choreography. I especially liked the song “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart.” It’s a wonderful ballad, which talks about loving a man, and then getting hurt. Britney’s music today, is really different, and shows a different side of her as a musician.
Sandara Park’s Fourth Album Choice: Spice Girls – Spice World

Soccer player, David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham, belonged to a group of five women, who became really popular in 1997. Out of their popular songs, I think that their album track, “Stop” was really good, and it was so popular that lots of girls sing it on stage. I think singing their songs is like a rite of passage. During one school ceremony, there was this Spice Girls song I wanted to play, but I got shy because there were many people and I couldn’t dare to do it. The Spice Girls, not like most female artists, show their real selves to the public easily; they can be cute and bubbly, but I really like how they show that they are really one team. Someday, if given a chance, I’d like 2NE1 to call on them, even just once.
Sandara Park’s Fifth Album Choice: Hanson – Middle of Nowhere

In 1997, three brothers released their debut album, and the world-class band, Hanson, emerged. 14-year old Taylor Hanson appealed to me because he has this clear voice, much like a woman, at such a young age. He is the main vocalist and also has lots of charm, which is powerful. When I first saw them, I was shocked. I was amazed at how such a dance music could come from a wonderful voice. They have a lot of fun songs, and when I’m alone in a room, I listen to them. Out of the three Hansons, I liked Zachary Hanson the best, the youngest member. He has a beautiful voice and is also very cute. At that time, strong and muscular men were popular, and slim and cute styles were very rare, and the youngest Hanson showed that image.

I want to Become One of the Musicians Who are Fun and Entertaining

After that school festival stage back in the Philippines, many people’s attitude changed towards her. Though friends wasn’t easy to have at first because she didn’t talk much, but after she started talking, she made a lot of friends. 90% of Sandara Park’s character changed to that of someone more outgoing. Musicians then were had a balance between “serious” and “fun” mode, and she sees that with more experience, performers get more fun on stage too. “At that time, after my time on stage, my character changed to that of one that can make my friends laugh. I want to continue to entertain people, and want to try and make everything I do enjoyable. I look up to esteemed artists, but I also hope that I can be fun and intersting to people too.”

“I honestly don’t know a lot of music genres, but I honestly enjoy music, and I intend to be faithful in using music as a tool to express myself,” she says, “On stage, I show a strong image, which is quite an irony considering the process on how I became like this.But I do hope that we can show the audience how to have fun and enjoy themselves.” she continued. On stage, she has a fierce image, but in the interview, she has this honest appeal and cute expression and way of talking that draws people in; she also listens very well and has a sharp wit that makes one want to laugh.

> Sandara Park’s Recommended Play List:

01. Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child
02. Emotions by Destiny’s Child
03. Come On Over by Christina Aguillera
04. Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguillera
05. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart by Britney Spears
06. Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
07 Stop by Spice Girls
08 Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls
09 Mmmbop by Hanson
10 Thinking Of You by Hanson

Source: Naver Musician’s Choice
Translated by:

A/N: Okay, so I totally love, love Dara’s music choices! I love these albums! In fact, I have all of them! LOL! I was in elementary school back then, and I remember my sisters and I singing Brit’s Baby One More Time at home. 🙂 And then my friends and I got into this huge dispute over who was hotter, Hanson or Moffats. And Im totally into Hanson because Tay is a god. LOLOL! And oooh, love the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child too. 🙂 I even have the Spice Girls movie, and all the Destiny’s Child albums, back to when they had this 4th member. LOLOL! Okay, Imma stop rambling. Enjoy! And sorry for the delay, it was hella long. T_T

Comments on: "News: [Complete Translations] Dara on Naver’s Musician’s Choice" (58)

  1. nice reviews, my kpop goddess! 🙂

  2. thanks sooo much @knucklepink-unnie~! imma read it na..

  3. Bubblegum said:

    Brown Eyes and Emotions used to be like an anthem in my highschool days. hahaha. It was really popular to the point that if you don’t know them, you might be living alone in the bat-caves. It was literally played almost everywhere. hahaha.

    “I bought this album and would listen to both sides of the tape everyday.”

    LOL. I used to do the same thing with my favorite Spice Girls and Mariah Carey albums before. Tapes are so old-school. hahaha.
    I honestly liked her song choices. Listening to them again, brings a lot of fond memories when I was younger. 🙂


    waaaa… DARA loves “FROM tTHE BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART”… i love this song too…!!! and i love BRITNEY SPEARS..!!!kkk!!!

  5. Chloe Was Here said:

    Got to listen to all the songs on the playlist on Youtube just now and I say “I love it!”

    But I like this part of the interview the most:

    On stage, she has a fierce image, but in the interview, she has this honest appeal and cute expression and way of talking that draws people in; she also listens very well and has a sharp wit that makes one want to laugh.

    Because I’ve been watching and re-watching the Win Win episode and saw for myself the aptness of this description!

    (And I just remembered Taeyang saying in his Star Confessions that his ideal girl is one who is a good listener. Just saying, not shipping, ok? I ship another! LOL And then that Park actor fanboy who said that there are many beauitful girls but only a few who are smart…witty…what’s that word he used again?)

    Anyway, thanks for the hardwork!

    • supertstar79 said:

      same here! i youtubed those songs in her playlist too while reading this article maybe 5x today haha

      and that author’s note at the end is just soooo dara! she’s really good at interview

      and yes, i’ve been re-watching her Win WIn episode too. EVERYDAY. hahaha

  6. itsdorkie said:

    omg mee and dara have da same music taste lolz
    i ❤ "brown eyes" frm destiny's child and "from the bottom of my broken heart" frm britney spears

    i wonder wat song is in dara's ipod? lolz

    woOo teeny booper world 🙂

  7. C’mon anything about Duran Duran, Spandu ballet or Menudo?

    • supertstar79 said:

      HAHAH most peeps here probably weren’t born in that era, jive. But yeah, Menudo was awesomeeee. NKOTB anyone?

      i gotta say that you’re one of the best commenters here at OhDara. I love reading all your comments. Too funny!

  8. scarlet said:

    its funny how her music choice is on my generation LOL …. but i do have different genres compared to sandara … i think im like minzy and cl more but reading this makes me think dara is indeed a pop girl kekekeke ……

    On stage, she has a fierce image, but in the interview, she has this honest appeal and cute expression and way of talking that draws people in; she also listens very well and has a sharp wit that makes one want to laugh. —- very true!!!

  9. zebedee said:

    omg these choices were the reasons why i cut classes on high school and watch mtv toplist hahaha….

    thanks belle and ohdara 🙂

  10. sweepberry said:

    This is It!!
    LOL Nice article Belle!!
    Wel lthis will bring more FAQs and TRIVIAs for our dear Goddess D. Her pursue on having change in her life and not sticking on her gloomy old shadow can impress and inspires people who’s on their lowest state of their life. God hopes this can be a “Natural Treasure” for one’s change for a new life. 😀
    Dara-yah you’re such an Angel in disguise “^♥^”

  11. Older fans will be pleased and can relate better to her musical taste if she included Ricky Martin’s MENUDO or Simon Lebon’s DURAN DURAN 😀

  12. smartee said:

    Belle, excellent job!!! dara’s got a nice playlist there..

  13. i was kind of hoping there would be a regine velasquez or something in the end lol. back then i was the few who was not into britney spears & spice girls back in elementary. I think I’m naturally old school listening to classic ballad, rock, alternative, some jazz..i guess other older pop music. r&b, rap i grew to like later on, but i was never into britney spears or spice girls. but just like sandara, music makes a difference. it influences me, so thumbs up dara for staying real. *i was still hoping you’d include regine v. heheheh*

    • I’m thinking about regine’s influence on sandara as well. She does mention that in the past right? 🙂

  14. Hey, hey, hey!!! Got more goodies to chew on!! Muchos gracias mama belle. You done it again.

    You are obviously thrilled that you had the same music taste back then huh? So nice.

    It’s great to know that sandara learned some idea from perhaps filipino song artist about entertaining the audience when performing. They are well known for doing that 🙂

  15. i can totally relate to Dara’s music choices.
    back then, any teenage girl who listens to the radio or watch mtv knows the lyrics to these songs by heart.

    Belle, i think Dara also knows the Hanson- Moffats ‘rivalry’ but she chose Hanson. Yey! my choice was Hanson too.

    my only addition to her playlist would be Backstreet, N’Sync and Alanis M. =)

  16. anonyMOEs said:

    another reason for me to like Sandara….her music choices are the songs that I like back in the days (and still now listen to it)…Ooooh this songs bring back memories!!! LOL!!

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  18. love the article! thanks for the translation, belle! 🙂

  19. pinkyasumi said:

    wow! thank you so much belle for translating.
    i think the albums mentioned after her interview were her favorite albums? i screencapped the whole page i think.. will look for it when i get home, i hope it’s still there. 😀

    i love this featuring of Dara on naver’s musician’s choice. thanks again mabelle for the translations. 🙂

  20. you know i always get impatient with the girls comeback and stuff… but when you think about it… especially with Dara… she always talks about how she wants to mc, act, do variety and stuff on interviews. and i just think… of course there’s gonna be a time when she’s really gonna be busy and active… i shouldn’t be so impatient. she wouldn’t say those things if she’s not gonna end up doing them, papa yg wouldn’t let her keep talking about it if it’s not one of his plans for her. let’s just wait for it and continue cheering them. it’s going to come!

    • Same thing here. We know their comeback is just around the corner but it can be a drag waiting for it. It creeps in once in a while. Fortunately we are broad minded enough to shrug it aside.  At least We got Me2day and Ohdara to keep us entertain while we wait. It just a calm before the big storm

  21. Bubblegum said:

    another thing I noticed about Dara, is she’s one of the few pretty commedienes. She owns a pretty face but she’s not afraid to act like a clown in front of the camera. Pretty celebrities are expected to act either all cutesy or elegant, prim and proper. Apparently with Dara, she embraces all those wacky hairstyles and outrageous clothes with open arms. She just has this appeal that doesn’t threaten her female audience, instead we even feel like we want to befriend her. Boys like her too.

    If she knows how to make fun of herself, then she won’t be a stuck-up celebrity who thinks she’s better than everyone else.

    For me, her recent interviews (in Korea) has more depth and longer answers compared to her interviews here in the Philippines… Maybe because she’s conversing in her mother tongue.

    But her tendency to be honest and funny is still there.
    It’s like seeing a more confident and better Dara.

    • i like your analysis on Dara, pretty much describe her. But i think if she only knew how to speak fluent tagalog before she maybe expressing herself in a same confident manner just like today.

    • My comment here didn’t get thru so i will say it again…..

      I believe if Dara only knew how to speak fluent tagalog she may have been expressing herself more confidently in the past just like we see her now

  22. Shara0178 said:

    If I remember correctly, the song she sang in the school festival at that time was “Dadalhin” by Regine Velasquez while wearing a gold-colored gown. Many were amazed at her performance and surprised how someone who doesn’t even talk much came up to the stage to sing. Who would have thought that this shy girl would someday become a star! Hehehehehe

  23. icon_999 said:

    Thank you Belle-unnie! <33
    Aww, I really like this article!
    And wow, their now taking japanese lessons?
    keke, 2NE1 & Dara-ya fighting!
    Ho ho!

  24. Mathel 828 said:

    Wow, such a beautiful article about our Goddess…
    She is really one of a kind… unique… I am so proud to be a follower… I am so overwhelmed with all the love she is receiving which she rightfully deserved… the best thing about all of these, Dara remains so humble and full of gratitude…
    I am so glad that people in general have seen her for what she really is, hardworking, funny, kind, generous, patient, honest, respectful, loving, sincere and full of hope… They saw and recognized her strength and accepted her shortcomings.
    She had, will and can inspire a lot of people (young and old) especially how she had overcome all her life’s barriers even at a young age and used them to become a better person… Very nice story about how Music had become her refuge and shelter during those rainy days…

    Most refreshing voice in the group… love it!!!

    Dara, Dara keep fighting!!!

    • With all these interviews she is having she doesn’t change a bit doesn’t she??

      Always the humble sincere old krunggie

      What koreans still finding about her we already know about.

      Anyway what makes her unique today is the aspect of having 2 music genre into her fold. That’s versatility and appeals to many people

  25. BlackjackBelle said:

    Okay, I super phail at posting. LMAO! Sorry about this.

  26. smartee said:

    this girl is gonna be a huge, huge, huge STAR..mark my word, cause she has the charm baby, charm, not everyone has it..when you have that, you will stay for long, fans will support go girl!! im proud of her, so many accomplishments in just a span of one year..korean media is quite tough to break into, with sexy, cutesy, hot, talented girls left and right, but for our dara to be recognized this much is really something considering the fact that YG does still refrain her from overexposure..she still does it, she makes it happen, people want her. people cant get enough of her, sure, there are more goregeous idols and actresses than her, but what makes her really stand-out? prolly others also wonder why..she’s a natural charmer, she’s born to entertain, as they say, she may not have the fiercest and dope talents we fans expect, know what? she doesn’t have to try that much, what’s important is we see her dedication and how humble she is..sandara is a star, she’s polite, she’s true, she’s an inspiration, she’s a magnet..from topping polls and surveys, from being the most demanded actress in a future drama, being fanboy magnet the next, with long list of cfs, yah, this girl is really gonna make it BIG…i definitely think so..despite all these, i think dara wont even change cause she has a simple disposition and a kind heart..i really really admire her..i wish her the best in the coming days..i am proud to be a fan, she is the only korean/asian celebrity i adore the most..and i dont regret that.

    sorry for the long post..just wanna express my thoughts 😉

    • I agree ^_^ *thumbs up* !!

      • I agree too… Very smart-ee comment. I love it

        • i agree also! we loove sandara because she outshines all the other ones with her charm and because of her beautiful appearance and personality 😀

          • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

            I agree too, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Even if years from now and singing will no longer work out for her. She still has acting as a fall back. We’ll definitely be seeing more of her for years to come.. and that means years of happiness for us fans too…:)

  27. cutie dara…………love you dara parkkie !!!

  28. It is better if she always wear that kind of outfit 🙂

  29. BlackjackBelle said:

    LOL! Well, it talks a bit about Dara’s musical influences and how CL helped her get into hip-hop “Black Music.” It also talked a bit about her life in the Philippines and how she sang in one event, and was so shy and nervous, but the classmates seemed to like it. Erm, what else? She also talked about being on hiatus, and how they are preparing by practicing choreography and vocals.

    If Grace doesn’t translate it today, I’ll probably do it later. 🙂

    • Oh thanks mama Belle, you are part of making ohdara peeps happy. Let me take you for dinner tonight 🙂

  30. xogossipgirlxo said:

    sandarabak???wtf!?! hahaha..anyway atleast i know wat it is about..thanks!!

    • while some koreans will say her name right, other koreans pronounce Sandara Park as Sandara Bak…so i’ve heard it so many times on shows when her name is being mentioned…
      even Donghae from Suju said Sandara Bak in a show before.

      • sweepberry said:

        it is because on Hangul pronounciation, The “R” is pronounced at the start and not at the end, the hangul character used for R is same with letter L. Which R is at the beginning and L at the end of the word. Also letter P and B are same too, only that B used at the start and P at the end, something like that. So that’s why “Park” turn to “Bak” 😀

  31. sweepberry said:

    I tried google trans and my heads spins off… but I think the article may be telling about her life and or something about getting into Black music?

    Gonna confirm this after GEE made her trans of this 😀

    here’s some googled trans: (kinda long)

    Live in LA night’s’ Teen enjoying listening to the fresh pop classic

    Sandarabak (26) 2NE1 the four members of the group boasts one of the most refreshing album. Other members of groove (groove · pe) matkkalnan full wrap black rhythm and engage in a feast of music, he was thin, with a clear tone CHALLANS daybreak aching. Because of this, from chochanggien fans ‘play off’ Things you have heard the talk, but usually colored black music papjeokin central role of China as a place to give freshness to align the group emerged as the Only woman.

    “We are a group of music at first was not my favorite style of music. That was one genre that I had not heard much. Leader CL both familiar and convenient to a lot of help, I’m glad. I gonna fit awkward rap song Black music was enough to hang onto. ”

    The new music of his own style sangkeumhamyi dotatda seokeuni. Understanding of black music to his projection of the process, but the task is not easy, he infused new courage and confidence.

    As is well known, since living in LA Park Elementary School 5th grade was living in the Philippines. He did not shy from an early age and maleunkeonyeong the first person, would look at his face, respectively. “Even I did not even talk to friends in the same class. English and bad, lonely, bored, dark room and had someone to talk to me, the only music was heard in secret to hide. The Philippines from the United States could have released the latest music of this century, one day bringing the music heard in everyday, I guess. ”

    At the school festival was always a shy girl crouching behind, they bowed his head at the time of the song was sung groups alone girl climbed on stage and do one day festival, ‘a shocking incident, respectively. Moreover, in the Philippines when he had his debut, a lot of friends ‘kids how to sing do not say’ it has said is amazing. “This song is sung alone, the room seemed to be neck-chaolratdeon. Tohaenael s time, was so scared, schools ought to find no place would have been looking for the end stage. Then a little more passion in my ejection from the start I guess. ”

    ‘I enjoyed the days I took the teen-pop that made sangkeumhameul’ Iran this week, his ‘myujisyeonseu Choice’ and the subject has many meanings. The most difficult time to comfort him and my friends, makes him one of today’s chores sangkeumhameul yimyeonseo group because the main characters stand out. “Nowadays, most blacks growing up listening to music, just me grow up listening to pop music seemed to be able to show their own uniqueness. The old idea come to mind, or more frequently when exercising is to find my own They’re classic pop.”

    Park also called hiatus, live albums are still busy. Advertise on shooting practice (vocals and choreography), the Japanese study time for rest, to do things. But he still wanted to have too much. “Art songs as well as smoke and I’m also greedy. Honestly, I think art is not closed, if you’re gonna be interesting. Daesung (Big Bang) reported a sense of the arts, but I think the impulse, the two sweeps me to learn John. Hoho. ” Me too sandarabak ▶ Day Permalink

    Written / gimpyeong (popular music expert, I)

    • reading this from google i wonder if they need to take ESL or GED first before translating anything 🙂

      Your effort is noted sweepberry. Thanks for this. We have little bit idea of what original article says

    • Reading this from google i wonder if they need to take ESL or GED first before translating anything 🙂

      Your effort is noted sweepberry. Thanks for this. We have a little bit idea what the original article says

    • I do thank you sweepberry for trying to translate the article for us courtesy of google. i just can’t help but laugh on how they do the translation there

  32. justa by saying her name..i go ‘WHEWW!’ gve me more of her!

  33. wow

  34. xogossipgirlxo said:

    nice..cannot understand it though..wat was it about?? 🙂 thanks..

  35. wow her popularity is just wow

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