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2NE1 Japanese Fanclub Magazine: “Date with Dara in Seoul”

Date with Dara in Seoul

“‘Everyone form BlackJack Nolza, let’s go on a date!’ Spend time with Dara, holidays in Korea.    An introduction to recommended spots  in Korea to everyone in BlackJack Nolza, From shopping to  going to eat please look forward to a funny date”


“11:00 appointment in the hair salon. Otonakawaii* hair and make-up preparations for the date are everything! Spend the time waiting for the appointment reading manga. The Japanese goods are between Dara’s favourites.

     Dara: Funny”

    *Otonakawaii is a fashion style for adult women characterized by clothes and make-up that emphasizes cuteness.


“11:30 shopping at selected shop

To complete the fashion items, comfortably shopping at select shop!

Dara who was trying on hat after hat that she likes.

Dara who suits in all the hats but, she gets the item she likes in particular* Immediately, she puts on her new hat, and goes to the next place!

Dara: Does it suits me???

Dara: Cool~!!


“13:00 lunch in  Tonkatsu!

Travelling and arriving, it’s a tonkatsu restaurant! Nearby there was a lot of tonkatsu restaurants lined up but, among those lunch was in the favourite store* From normal tonkatsu to with cheese, and spicy, there was a variety of tonkatsu. Korean staff had spicy tonkatsu and they started saying ‘hiiii!!!’ due to the pain.

Dara: Ah~! a big cut is difficult~~!

Dara: Shili is not that spicy~

Dara: Delisious~”


“14:00 swear love at Soul Tower…”

After fulfilling the stomach, let’s GO to the touristic and famous place Seoul tower! We went up the south mountain by rope-way feeling the nature.  Going up a little, we arrived to Seoul tower where a lot of  padlocks are hanging! Here they say it’s a tradition to swear love while hanging a padlock and that the love will last forever.  Dara,firmly,swore love to everyone in BLACKJACK NOLZA.

Dara: Let’s go!

Dara: There’s a lot of  green~!

Dara: I wish for eternal love with BLACKJACK NOLZA…”


“15:30 Take a break in Samcheondong cafe”

We traveled and arrived at an old building with the feeling of traditional and modern days, crowded Samcheondong.  We took a little break at a cafe with a styled terrace. Everything in the menu looked delicious~’

“16:00 Walking in the Neighborhood”

Casually walking in the neighborhood with traditional buildings lined up. While walking we were hungry again…

In a store that looked like a warehouse at the side of the road, devouring tteokbokki and oden while feeling the air from the outside! Giving relief to the mouth with a drink like sweet liquor called sikhye while eating spicy food.

Midway, Dara’s feet stopped, there was a stamp store. We got to make an original stamp. Also we dropped by a baby clothes store for the staff who has children, fully enjoying Samcheondong!

Dara: Co~me on!”


“18:00 exercise in the gym!

After eating and walking, sweat in the gym in YG headquarters. While receiving coaching from instructor Hwangssabu who doesn’t have mercy on Dara’s painful facial expression (laugh).  When doing exercise, except for weekends, she has to go to the gym 5 times a week to sweat…!!”

“19:00 Dinner at Samgeori Butchers

After the date, let’s fo to YG’s restaurant specialized in pork meat, Samgeori Butchers! Delicious meat doesn’t accumulate in the body after doing exercise. Of course eating the meat with korean lettuce and vegetables makes you completely satisfied. In the restaurant’s inside there’s a spot to take a photos, we got to take a lot of commemorative photos~.

How was to spend a day with Dara on a date in Seoul? When you come to Korea, certainly go to the places introduced here and please go to the stores to play. Perhaps, by some chance Dara will be there to…?!”



Source: izumingkki21

Translated by: RingoESP

Re-uploaded by: OhDara