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Videos/Official: PartnerK Releases “Missing Korea” Episodes 1-6 Complete with English Subtitles on YouTube

Finally, official English subs! We hold off putting up subbed vids if they aren’t official, as we encourage official links/videos to be watched for the view count.. ^^ So I’m so happy to see that they’ve completed all the episodes already! ❤ According to PartnerK, there will be a second season next year! I wonder if it’s a continuation of this season or a completely different story? ^^ Anyways, enjoy! ❤

Missing Korea EP01: Who are U? 

Missing Korea EP02: Welcome to Miss Korea

Missing Korea EP03: Sleeping with the Enemy

Missing Korea EP04: Gone Girl

Missing Korea EP05: Dance with Me

Missing Korea EP06: Missing Korea

Credits: PartnerK-OFFICIAL