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Fancams: Oh My Goddess – Adidas Is All In Party

I Am The Best

BEST FANCAM EVER!!! Finally! We can finally see Dara in all her “I Am The Best” glory! This was what I have been waiting for for a while! And its finally here! You guys should all watch it! Its totally worth it! Again, BEST FANCAM EVER!!!!

Check out more fancams after the cut! ^_^


Videos: 2NE1 Performs Fire, Go Away, and Can’t Nobody for Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart

After the girls had THE PARTY in the Philippines, not long after, they went to Japan for the Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart. What set the performance apart for me, is the fact that they were wearing their stuff from Adidas All In CF!

Frustratingly, there were only a few pics, and I couldn’t spazz over them much. So my fangirl heart is extremely happy that SBS aired the event!

Here’s the girls performing Fire! They performed Go Away and Can’t Nobody in addition to their debut song! Enjoy the vids guys!


Go Away

Can’t Nobody

Credit: CrazyCarrot370 + CodeAnalysisSeason5