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Videos: Some Clip Highlights from Pinoy Boyband Superstar’s Fun and Exciting 2nd Week ~ Featuring an Amazing Break Dance from Judge Sandara Park!

Dara’s crazy break dance in her dress and heels! LMAO!!! The judges all got super impressed!XD

I think Jay was more happy he got the hug from Dara compared to when he got the “YES” votes from the judges hahaha! I can’t blame you!

And OMG his pick-up line for Dara!😄

Mark: Hi Sandara!

Dara: Hi!

Mark: You know what? I wish you were my ID.

Dara: Why?

Mark: So that even if you get lost, everyone still knows that you’re mine.

Dara: *dies* 

Check out more videos from PBS Youtube channel!


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Photo: moonshot MY Reveals a New Picture of Moonshot “Stick Extreme” Featuring Cute, Colorful Sandara Park

Okay so I can’t wait to see more from this campaign..😄 Dara looks cute and playful!❤



Source: moonshot my FB

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Instagram: Sandara Park Shares Cool Black and White Picture with “Dongsaeng Chaerin” Featuring “Photobomber GD”

Taken during the Ambush store opening after party in Japan! ^^

내 동생 채린이랑~?????? with CL feat. #photobomber GD ??????✌??????️

With my dongsaeng, Chaerin~💕 with CL feat. GD 😁✌🏻


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Official/Photos: Cute Friends Dara and Hyoni had a Fun Tour in the Philippines as Revealed in BTS Shots from “Battle Trip”

Dara and Hyoni are so cute together! Did you guys watch Battle Trip? So amusing and fun right? I was tempted to travel more, explore the country even more! ^^ And I was tempted to eat sisig at Gerry’s Grill OTL And Jollibee spaghetti.. TT










Source: KBS Battle Trip Facebook

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Video+Screencaps: Sandara Park and Mario Maurer Show Off their Sizzling Chemistry for #PenshoppeRulesTheCity Campaign ~ #SanRio is Finally Here!

Dara truly sizzled in this photoshoot! She and Mario look so good together! Their chemistry is really undeniable.. ^^




Sandara & Mario Rule The City








More caps in the gallery after the cut!


Photos: Official Photos and Judges Portraits of Pinoy Boyband Superstar

Congratulations on the very successful first week, Pinoy Boyband Superstar!❤








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Instagram: Philippine Tour Promoter Sandara Park Shows Some Behind-The-Scenes Photos of her “Dara Tour”

Dara did so so so well for Battle Trip! <3 


BattleTrip End~!!! 😍😍😍 Did DaraTour fit in with the travel shopper’s  (T/N: what they call the audience in the show) travel style..?!  Every person has a travel style that they prefer, so I decided to go on this trip so I can learn more about different things. It was really fun traveling with Seung-hyunnie~!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  like like like!!!

The broadcast is finally on tomorrow evening, at 10:40PM~~~ 😆 Ah, so looking forward to it… #kbs #Philippines trip #DaraTour will finally be broadcasted!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


The train ride that highlighted our height difference 😁👍🏻 On the way to


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Instagram: Sweet PR Director Sandara Park Promotes YG X UNICEF WALKING FESTIVAL for the Company’s 20th Anniversary

It is my hope that 2NE1 perform at the YG After Concert.. TT But this is a wonderful way to spend their anniversary.. ^^14294742_350567875274236_1049786887_n

YG 20th Anniversary’s “kind-hearted” celebration!

To cheer on the healthy growth of children and youth all over the world, YG X UNICEF WALKING FESTIVAL will be held on October 2nd, at Sangam World Cup Park lawn plaza.

The registration fee will be donated, so I’m inviting everyone to this “kind-hearted” walk for a cause!!!


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Video/Caps: Sandara Park and Mario Maurer are Totally Adorable Together for Penshoppe’s Newest Campaign Teaser “Rule the City” ~ SanRioXPenshoppe

Oh my goodness! The SandaraXMario project is finally getting to be revealed soon! T__T I’m so happy! Dara hasn’t worked with a male endorser since Etude with SHINEE.. Kekeke! ^_^ So excited for tomorrow!









Caps by: WeLoveDara/ OhDara

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Videos: 160910-160911 Pinoy Boyband Superstar is Off to Exciting First Weekend Broadcasts

Pinoy Boyband Superstar started its broadcast last weekend, and the first two episodes were awesome! We’re still asking permission to sub the entire episodes, but we don’t know if they’ll allow or if PBS will upload videos with Eng subs officially.. ^_^ 

Here are some cuts from the episodes last weekend!

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Judges’ Auditions: Meet our Superstar Judges

Dara’s introduction: A group should be like a puzzle. Because that’s what we always say: 2NE1 is like a puzzle because when it’s the four of us, it’s like a perfect combination, but if we go individually, it’s like there’s something lacking. That’s the charm of a group. Each individual has a different character, has a different talent.

Sandara, Got Giddy while Fixing Allen’s Hair

Dara: Come here for a bit, let me fix your hair.. 

Sandara Saves Keanno After Fangirls’ Votes

If you want to check out audition videos, you can check them all out here =>

Credits: Pinoy Boyband Superstar

Check out some full cuts after the cut!