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Twitter : Dara Teases Fans About Her Incoming Appearance on LipStick Prince And She Confesses Her Love for Chicken


💄Who is this princess?! 👸🏼Will you know by these hints?! My famous clothes..and chicken…🍗 and palm tree 🌴


Fan: I don’t know who it is^^;;;

Dara: It seems like you are not a real Blackjack ^_^ Tangtangtang!!!🔨


Fan: Ah..Who is it?…I really don’t know so I’ll just watch it

Dara: I’ll try to cosplay Blackjack ㅋㅋ



The ramen was hidden so I didn’t see, this is how much I love chicken even if it’s an all-night filming if you buy me a chicken everything is okay! It’s tiresome so at home even if I’m lying around whoever lured me with a chicken I’ll leap out ㅋㅋ I can eat it thrice a day~ I like fried chicken. *crunch crunch*




Fan: Then how about pizza??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Dara: I…Chicken > Pizza😂

Food is my weakness. And I understand Dara uunie . 



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Instagram: CeCi Korea Reveals a “Spoiler Alert” While Invading their February Issue Filming Site ~ Dara with Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae

OMFG!!!! What is this?! Three guys?! OMFG yes Dara is a goddess, I know! ❤ I cannot wait for CeCi’s February issue! This looks bombing! And yes, Dara looks so very beautiful.. Look at her snuggling next to Kiyong though.. 😄



Video+Eng Subs: 170112 Lipstick Prince Official Preview Featuring Gorgeous Princess Sandara Park

[Video] Lipstick Prince [Preview] Meeting PO’s Ideal Type(?) Heart Fluttering Point! 170112 EP.7

Credits: OnStyle


[ENG SUB] 170112 Lipstick Prince – P.O met his ideal type Sandara

Credits: Amanda Hensem

Screencaps: OnStyle Naver Blog is Excited for the “Lipstick Prince” Episode Tonight Featuring “Harley Quinn” Princess, Sandara Park!

Who is the princess that is coming to take Lipstick Prince up by storm?!

She wore a really flashy costume, loves chicken, and… palm trees?!

mug_obj_148412501757069490 mug_obj_148412501817667726mug_obj_148412501632099961

It’s Sandara Park!


Dara who had make-up that suited 2NE1’s strong image and performance requested “Harley Quinn” make-up style!

mug_obj_148412502646289534 mug_obj_14841250141428414

She said that recently, she’s been into acting and varieties and wanted to try intense, strong make-up again!

mug_obj_148412500624194880 mug_obj_148412501564342860

With the appearance of Sandara Park, boisterous “beagle-dol” P.O suddenly became shy! A Dara fan since his trainee days! It was revealed that even P.O’s phone wallpaper was Sandara Park! He’s an original Blackjack!


“P.O who got jealous of the ultra close skinship!
What the heck!!!”

mug_obj_148412502199636254 mug_obj_148412502562455733

P.O who got constantly envious~ “Noona I want to meet your eyes too”~
But Rowoon beat his heart like this

mug_obj_148412500994013075 mug_obj_14841250110622216

Applying handcream…
Heechul’s fatal position in an attempt to seduce Sandara Park..

mug_obj_14841250121632126 mug_obj_148412502829671070

Making a move!!! To win Dara’s heart, PO emits a prince’s charm!

mug_obj_148412502294598523 mug_obj_148412500864030836

hich Lipstick Prince made Dara’s heart beat the most? Let’s all find out tonight on O’style’s “Lipstick Prince”~!



Source: OnStyle Naver Blog

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Photos: Gorgeous Park Siblings Pose with the Owner of the Cat Cafe in “Secretly, Greatly” Episode ~ A Long-Time Fan!

Park siblings with the legit owner of the cat cafe! ❤ She said she’s been a long-time fan of 2NE1 and Sandara Park! So she got a bit sad that she had to act to deceive her and Dara was cold in her reaction (as expected kekeke!).. ^^ But she was happy they got pictures after with the good-looking siblings! ❤




Source: park_sy0912 Naver Blog

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Instagram: Battle Trip’s Official Pics of Dara and Hyoni in the Philippines for the Advanced “Dara Tour” Course

Dara’s official pics for Battle Trip! ❤





Coming back after the last match stronger than ever
✨Dara Tour✨- Advanced course!

Cool tips for you up to N!
Tonight at 10:40 PM
on KBS2 <Battle Trip>

#BattleTrip #LeeHwiJae #KimSook#SeongShiKyeong #mountain#SandaraPark #KangSeunghyun#KimMinGyo #ImHyungJoon#HanJungsoo #Philippines


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Instagram: Sporty Looking Dara just Got Off of Work


Get off from work!!! ✌

Look at her 2NE1 hand sign oyeah!! she just got off from work? is it 2NE1 related? omo omo omo!!!!


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Instagram/ Twitter: Dara’s Daily Favorite Quote Of The Day




Everyday Life Quotes From our Beloved Sandara. 


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Instagram : Dara Wishes to See more Of her Younger Brother Solo Stage and for Him to do Well and have Fun

C1pmWp3UsAEuMy6 (1).jpg

Cute robotdeokhu ㅋㅋㅋ Well done (3x)! Our Doongie did well!!! ㅠ.ㅠ I wish that from now on I’ll see more of your solo stage~ Just like now do well and have fun!!! 😀🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It’s Thunder who is full of charm!!! 😆

 *덕후/deokhu-pertains to a person who has obsessive interest to something. Dara called Thunder “robotdeokhu” meaning he has obsessive interest to robots.


Source: daraxxi

Translated by: WeLoveDara

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Twitter/Instagram: Good hearted Dara Noona tried Not to Spoil about Her Appearance on Secretly Greatly and also Excited to sh at Same time


*cries*~!!! 👊🏻 It’s today.. am I just a really good noona…? 😢 I have so many things to say but I’m afraid it might be a spoiler I will not talk about right now.. I will tell you later~You won’t miss it~right~?! 😛📺


Source: daraxxi/krungy21

Translated by: WeLoveDara

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