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Press Photos: 2NE1 winning “Best TOP 10″ Award at the 2012 Melon Music Awards

Congratulations again! <33






Video: 2NE1 – Top 10 Artist Award at 2012 Melon Music Awards

Woots!!! I’m so proud of the girls! Though they only came up with one song this year – I LOVE YOU- they still made it to the TOP10 for this year!!!! <33

Also, CL said their album will be coming out soon!!! So be excited!!!!! ^^


CL: ” Thank you to Yang Hyunsuk for making 2NE1, Teddy Oppa and our staff. Thank you to everyone who listens to our music. Also thank you to our Blackjacks. Our album is coming out soon, so look forward to it. Also, thank you to our members.”


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Translations: Ouley-Soleil@OhDara/WeLoveDara

Video: 2NE1 – Interview on the Red Carpet at 2012 Melon Music Awards

I was so excited to see their outfits for Melon awards! And I must admit I’m not disappointed! 

I really like Dara’s outfit! Very very chic! And the same goes to Minzy, CL and Bom!!! I missed them so much!!!



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