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Credit: @the2ne1hour + @jlelelrTH + @Daoover + @PhoenixWuu + @_9pkz + @iRin_0330 + @GTCBMB0512

Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 171001 Dara at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Back to Korea)" (2)

  1. Alohadara said:

    your right. except Dara is so crazy unique, weirdly cute and just wears what she wants. she might have felt cold, or getting sick with chills, or thats just what she wanted to wear for no reason because she’s dorky like that. And other times she is simply stunning. Her manager told her she was the busiest at YG for the month of September. She is doing too much and I worry bout her health because she’s been sick a lot.

  2. Dara needs to learn the adage “less is more” especially when in a humid climate. Don’t know who told her she needs to wear that bucket hat over her hoodie in an airport in a tropical country. Let’s be a smart dresser first.

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