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Comments on: "Instagram: 170901 Dara – “Great show!!! Thank you GD!!! Thank you Manila!!!”" (2)

  1. I dont want to get sucked into the shipping thing again but these two knuckleheads make it so hard. and just watching all the fancams as they performed together I was smiling, and laughing and crying. sigh….Wishing our Dara much happiness and Gd too whether they are together or not. But you have to admit that they do have a very special relationship and always support one another. Even though GD is the boss, he let Dara do whatever she want in the Manila concert because after all she is the Filipina princess and his baby girl. hahaha At least this MOTTE concert he wasn’t lonely because he had Dara by his side.

  2. this two is sooooo adorable…

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