Sandara Park explained why she ended up self-reflecting while filming for her new movie “One Step.”

On March 29, the cast members of “One Step” promoted their upcoming film through a Naver V Live broadcast, where they shared behind-the-scenes stories.

During the broadcast, Sandara Park gave some thoughts on her big screen debut. “It feels much more nerve-wracking than singing in front of thousands of people,” she confessed.

She also talked about the difference between singing on stage with 2NE1 and singing for her movie. “I usually performed energetic music when I was in 2NE1, so it was difficult for me to sing for the film because I was showcasing my voice,” she revealed. “I initially thought it was going to be easy since I had a lot of experience with singing in a recording studio, but as soon as I sang the first line [for the movie], I repented. It was a challenging yet precious experience,” she added.

“One Step” is set to premiere on April 6. Sandara Park will be playing a character who tries to regain her memories through music. Check out the trailer here!

Source (1) via Soompi

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