Such a cute cute baby! Thanks for visiting “Tita Dara” often and for cheering her up! ❤


Another picture from tita@daraxxi @krungy21 ‘s makeup artist… Thank you! 🙂 :-* ❤


Smile tita @daraxxi@krungy21 😀 ❤ :-*


Visited tita @daraxxi@krungy21 in her dressing room before the show to give her some good vibes… See you next week tita :-* 🙂 ❤


Hinahanap mo daw ako tita @daraxxi @krungy21 , namiss mo ko? 🙂 :-* ❤


Nice hat tita @daraxxi@krungy21 , akin na lang… See you on saturday! 🙂 :-* ❤


Tita @daraxxi@krungy21 is teaching me how to do finger hearts… 🙂 :-* ❤


Pinoy Boyband Superstar live shows start tonight after Home Sweetie Home… good luck ninong@billyjoecrawford 🙂 ❤


Source: allegravaliente

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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