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03.10342216.1  1438774779_955943 2015080501000551200035831 201508050100055110003581120150805202015_55c1f16f01be9_1  201508052147779739_55c206054b7c5      201508052040366820020150805_1438775374_73604600_172893070.159f874f00994494354adebdaae0dd554026bd9fcda8c7da7e611ca79f9ab6d80615544262015080501000360500017501


Source: Naver

Re-upload: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 150805 More Press Pictures of Gorgeous Dara with Jinu at “Miss Wife’s VIP Movie Premiere" (1)

  1. sipthetea said:

    Dara always manages to make everybody else look basic. LOL! |Yeah! She’s that gorgeous.

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