Dr. Ian is finally here! ACTRESS DARA FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!!

I think I squealed for real when I saw her name in the opening credits.. T_T So proud, the feels.. T_T 


They released Episodes 1 and 2 at 10:30 PM, KST last night, and subsequently released Episode 3 at midnight! It’s doing well in views (130,000+ cumulative  views for all three episodes), but we could all watch it again, hit the “LIKE” buttons for both Dr. Ian and the videos itself, and support our Actress Dara!

Watch Dara the “Brown” mascot dance and get scolded by.. T_T It was so cute though how she was hungry and tried to explain, but the mean manager yelled at her again. T_T



Okay, sorry, but the scene where So Dam rode the bus in her “Cony” mascot costume cracked me up.. XDDD And seeing her waddle in the costume was really cute! But being discarded and treated badly by her boyfriend was really sad. T_T Watch the episode! 

EPISODE 2 – The Woman Who Became Like Abandoned Trash


So Dam’s revenge! And awww, teary-eyed while watching So Dam cry and confront her ex-boyfriend. T_T But squeal, Dr. Ian is so sweet to So Dam! ❤

EPISODE 3 – The Man Who Was Like Trash


What did you think of #ActressDara? What was your favorite scene in the episodes? ❤


Source: Dr. Ian NAVER CAST

Comments on: "Videos/Link: Support #ActressDara and Watch Dr. Ian Episodes 1, 2, 3 ~ Meet and Fall In Love with Lee So Dam~ “Welcome to the Clinic!”" (30)

  1. Omg..am so late bout this…!!my fave scene is in elevator also and episode 5 oh my the last part is so sweet im so kilig to the bones..haha..the chemistry of dara and kim young kwang are good….so im hoping that they have more drama together. Cross finger hehe..

  2. Lydia Im said:

    Watch here!!!! I am subbing this web drama now 😀
    [ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 3 W/ Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang http://sh.st/gnS7E

  3. I watched and still watching episode 5… and my favorite scene too was the one where Dr. Ian put on his glasses to Sodam with the reporters around then the two of them went out together. OMG!!!! I almost died with kilig… Looking forward to the next episodes. Hoping for a kissing scene… Crossing fingers….

  4. sillygirl said:

    i want to know what korean netizens think about the drama 🙏

  5. gaaah!!! i’ve went back to earth just to get a glimpse of the awesomeness of Dara’s acting chops…and i’m one satisfied fluff… wiii…hope this is only the start of better things to come her way and ours too..hehehe!

  6. Lydia Im said:

    [ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 1 W/ Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang @ http://sh.st/gxJsg hehehehe

  7. Desiweelovesapples said:

    I just saw episode 5!!! I stopped breathing for a moment when the scene came up where Dr. Ian approached Sodam and the sea of paparazzis parted like the red sea and gave his glasses to her and escorted her out. So cuteeeeeee!!! Man! I can’t believe that we’re halfway to the drama already! I hope there are more Sodam and Dr. Ian!! -.- and let me just give Sodam a slow clap for giving that jerkwad exbf a piece of her mind. I felt bad when he joined in on tearing up the scrapbook that holds their memories together as if they’re nothing to him. 😦 Though 90% i didn’t understand what they’re saying, you can just feel her emotions. I love it! I hope she gets casted on a drama or movie soon after this 🙂

    Oh and before I end this, let me just say something about Dr. Ian’s Wrangler…. It’s colddddddddd!!!! Why do you have the hard top off?!! Hehe

  8. Even without eng sub I still want to watch Dara. I so love Dara but its giving me headache because I don’t understand Korean TT^TT. Is there a way that I can watch it with eng sub?

  9. 4th episode. Yay. Thank you so much Oh Dara for providing the links to lazy people like me T_T. Even though I don’t understand half of it I got teary eyed when she started crying. Their height difference though…

  10. Desiweelovesapples said:

    I really hope they’ll post those pictures that were on the scrapbook. Even though it’s Dae Soo and So Dam, they still look cute together and Dara showed a bunch of aegyo too!!!

  11. My favorite scene so far from the three episodes was the “elevator scene” too. I felt giddy to the max!! lol… and I must say Dara and Kim Young Kwang have the chemistry. I’m very proud and Happy for Dara. Let’s watch it over and over again guys.

  12. AtrueFan said:

    How sad I can’t watch here in Dubai

  13. Even w/out subs dara is so great!!she improves so much!!and she’s so pretty too

  14. alohadara said:

    someone on We Love Dara twitter has been roughly translating whats going on which is helpful till the full subs come out. so proud of our Dara!

  15. poporoslayer said:

    I think the views would have gotten higher if it were subbed, because my friends didn’t watch it until the subs arrived. But i encouraged them to watch it even when its raw casue its better being viewed in Naver. Argh! She slayed it! She was so goood.

  16. UPDATE! Already 102,000+ views for the first episode! 51,400+ for the second episode, and 32,900+ for the third!

  17. No subs yet, unfortunately.. TT But we’ll see what we can do.. ^^

  18. Done watching! OMG Love every scene even though i can’t understand what they are saying but thru gestures and expressions i can feel the story and i enjoyed it. But still waiting for english sub if there is . I am already excited in the next episodes. ♥♥♥ Dara’s acting was excellent ! More Darama please…….! 🙂

  19. The elevator scene almost gave me a heart attack hahhaha he’s sooooooo good to so dam ☺️☺️☺️ Omg I love it!

  20. Is there any english sub?

  21. Anneli Gianan said:

    Me, too.I am from the Philippines. I am just watching the videos over and over again even w/o english subs. I created a naver account but when I sign-in it says incorrect user name and password. I don’t know why..hu..hu..hu. I can’t like and give hearts to the vids, But it’s ok. I’ll just keep watching the vids to increase the views. Fighting Dara! Fighting Daralings and Blackjacks! Let’s keep watching!!!

  22. Desiweelovesapples said:

    The elevator scene though…. i squealed so hard on that scene. That was just the cutest thing ever!!!

  23. Sasha Fierce said:

    Uggggnh!! I can’t createan accountin Naver! The only thing that I can do right now is to watch it again and again without subs lol

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