Okay, so most of us have a Naver account already, we know that we need an account to give likes or hearts for Dr. Ian and show our support for Dara. There are perks to having a Naver account too, one of them is an email address with Naver. Keke! ^^ So here’s a tutorial on how to make a Naver account!

First, you need to go here => https://nid.naver.com/user2/joinGlobal.nhn?m=init&lang=en_US That’s for the sign up with English Language.. ^^

It will lead you to this page…


Click the topmost check circle to agree to the Terms of Service, etc…


It will lead you to this page. Just go ahead and fill up the fields.. ^^


Email us here once you’re done! ^^ welovedara@naver.com.. ^^Naver4 Alright, so for the mobile phone, they have a list of country codes, you can look yours up from their list, it’s pretty complete.. ^^


After filling that up, click on the “VERIFY” button.. Your Verification Code should be sent after a few minutes. 


Enter your verification code on the next space, and click “CONFIRM.”


After that, it should be done, and sign up should be complete! Congratulations, you’ve got a Naver account.. ^^


Make sure to give a “HEART” by clicking the button in Dr. Ian’s Naver Page:



Also for Dr. Ian NAVER tvCAST page!


DrIanNaver2A go go go guys! Let’s show our love and support! ❤

Comments on: "Admin Post: Tutorial on How to Make a Naver Account for International Fans ~ Support Dr. Ian!" (48)

  1. creating Naver I account is very easy as long as you know the rules.most problem is IP

  2. making an acoount of naver account id is not just easy to make.but i did it by my self.just check everything before you do it…

  3. i do create Naver id account so many times.i proud to say i succeded.i did it..

  4. I am looking for Naver seller account. if you able to help me with this issue please contact me at me.lori1@yandex.com

  5. why i cant sign up, temporaly not available

  6. Out-of-sight, out of head may be another reason to play in an unlawful
    card bedroom.

  7. Christine said:

    My code won’t get confirmed even if it’s exactly like the message they sent…
    Like wtf??

    Help please

  8. How do you know that the verification code has been sent to you? I have entered my phone number and clicked verify…but I still have not gotten my code..please help

  9. hi! i know this is late and your probably don’t check comments anymore, but i have a problem i haven’t seen anywhere else and don’t know what to do…

    once i complete all the fields and agree to the terms of service, i choose my country for the phone number part (US/Canada) and put my number in but it tells me this: “Anonymous(safe) phone number is not allowed.”

    any idea what that means or how to help? it would be really appreciated 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I had an account but it got locked because I didn’t use for a year.
    How can I reactivate it?
    Thanks a lot

  11. I lost my account. I try to create a new account, but i cant get my code T_T

  12. I cant get my number code what should I do I have waited for hours but it never came ???? TT-TT

  13. hi how many naver accounts i can create per day and per ip address? is there any limitations?

  14. Do you reply at all?

  15. What is wrong with user name message you can’t use special letters. !! Help

  16. Can you help me user name I tried several times and did not succeed ㅠㅠ

  17. Hi, can u help me to recover naver account?? I want to streaming in naver music but there are notification that my account got suspended 😢
    I don’t know why like this, thanks

  18. HII!!! Can you help me why I didn’t receive any code? I am from Philippines and I am sure I type my phone numbers correctly. this is the only problem I have. It’s just, frustrating. Waaaah~~ Please help me. pleaseeeee~~

  19. Hiiii i’m trying to sign up but when it comes to the username, it’s not working. I followed the letters a-z, numbers and underscore but it’s not working. Everything works except the username…. please help meㅠㅠ

  20. I visit daily a few web sites and blogs to read posts, however this web site offers feature based content.

  21. I registered my account on my phone and when I tried to log into the website on my computer, it says my account got suspended because of the account was joined from abuse-suspicious location or in an abnormal process. And I can’t recover my account through mobile varification. Please help?

  22. Hi!! I’m having problems with my NAVER acc. got suspended and I don’t know why!! But it is stated there that my account got suspended because the account was joined from abuse-suspicious location or in an abnormal process. 대량생성 ID is also written in the reason section. What to do?!? I don’t understand the reason and whenever I confirm my identification, NAVER will say that Mobile Verification is not supported in suspicious network. It also said to contact customer service center. BUT ANOTHER THING IS THAT I DON’T KNOW THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER VIA EMAIL. ㅠㅠ 어떻게 어떻게?!?

  23. I typed in ‘PinkBlue_0927’ for the _________ @naver.com thing but it’s not working… Every else works though.

  24. Hi there, I ‘m so sorry to ask this but I don’t know what else to do! Someone created a Naver account using my phone number and I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. I’m trying to contact them but there is no contact info written in English that I can find. Your site came up in a Google search for “Naver” and “English”. Any help you can offer would be amazingly appreciated!! Thank you!

  25. hi oh dara! can you help me!? i cant register to naver and it always say that ‘signup is temporarily limited…’ . what can i do? or can you make me an account? PLEASE!!!…😞😞😞.. contact me on my facebook account Kyla Tigas and my profile pic is my picture in a collage form… or comtact me on my twitter account @kylalululu… i really want to have an account on naver so Please!!! help me ….thank you

  26. I savor, result in I found exactly what I used to be having a look
    for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you
    man. Have a great day. Bye

  27. crimsonred said:

    I have problem with the phone number, can u tell me how to fix it ?

  28. angelica said:

    hi oh dara, i can’t seem to register on naver. it says sign up is limited temporarily 😦 it’s sooo sad… can you please, please please please make an account for me? 😦 you can add me on facebook as Zaineko Kinaba with an anime profile picture. I really want to register. I’m so desperate. help?

  29. how to check the code for sign in

  30. Tried signing up in Naver, but just like the others, it says “Sign up is limited temporarily.
    Please contact Customer Service.” 😦

    Hola works so I think I’ll go for this one. And I also read that YG United will upload this hopefully with Eng subs, so for those who can wait (although I think most of us can’t wait to watch it), let’s look forward to YG United’s update. 😀

    Let’s continue to support Dara! And of course 2NE1!! 😀

  31. If youre not able to create the naver acccount or your getting an error that its not available in your country download the Hola app(its available in PC/Laptop/mobile devices.. go to hola.org and follow the same instructions provided above and once you created youre account just change the country in south Korea so that you can watch the video. We tried it using my laptop,my sisters tablet and our mobile phones and it worked!

  32. sandlover said:

    i liked everything to like in Naver, but vids are not available in my country. goodluck guys!!

  33. sandlover said:

    how to navigate the site? links please..

  34. My signing up was successful and i have done liking everything about Dr. Ian’s trailers and page though i don’t understand the language BUT why is it the clips are not available in my country? OMG does it also mean that i cant watch Dr. Ian when they’re going to release it in Naver? huhuhu please help! how can i make it available in my country? T_______T

  35. Yes, I think I should just try another PC. lemme check.. thanks!

  36. i really wanted to watch it on naver so i can give my support to our goddess dara, can you help me?

  37. I can’t sign up..I have waited too long for the confirmation code but it never came..so frustrated.

  38. how to change country?

  39. anniexxi said:

    Hahaha i don’t understand anything on the website. But ive already signed up, yay!! Finished liking Dr. Ian 닥터이안 too!! Sandara jjang!! -anniexi, Philippines

  40. can find the page of dr. ian?

  41. Done ^_^ Yey!

  42. Here’s what they say:

    Sign up is limited temporarily.
    Please contact Customer Service.


  43. My sign-up were not successful TT_T

    First, the drop-down arrow for the area code doesn’t work in Mozilla so I couldn’t give my number…

    I tried in Chrome. I was able to receive a code and signed-up but they said it wasn’t available.

    I guess there were too many people signing up right now!!! kkkekk..

    anyway, I’ll try later. FIGHTING!

    Thanks for the updates and info. I LOVE OHDARA and WELOVEDARA!

  44. ysabelle said:

    #Goodnews: Yes I made it!!! (totally happy atlast after trying many times, I got it)
    #Badnews: Korean language!!!! how can I understand it? I thought it has an English sub! I thought I can make a comments about watching Dr Ian.,,,,, ( im so arghhhh!)

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