Dara is so so so cute! And wah, she’s dressed so nice and casual, and her hair is down, and she’s definitely wearing a bit of make-up! Maybe she just came back from a shoot or something? XD Anyways, glad to see Dara so relaxed and spending time with her pets.. ❤10932613_819920951425759_731101067_n

Doongie here!!!  Doongie’s not here!!! Doongie playing hide and seek with Dara noona



My cute cat Oreo 



Sources:  on Instagram,  daraxxicn on Weibo

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ @ssangParkChina

Comments on: "Photos: Adorable Cat-Lover Dara Shares Pictures with Cuties Dadoong and Oreo" (2)

  1. omgg!!!! no words can really describe what beauty means when it comes to DARA!!! so much excited for her new drama.,( but kinda disappointed w/ his leading man,,,why himmmm???? )anyway still hoping for more more romantic comedy and giving her a chance to meet my boyfriendssss! LOL! first Lee Min Ho then Jaejoong, then Kim Woo Bin, Jung Ill Woo, and sooooonnnn! LOL!

  2. she looks so pretty….i love her hair make up and outfit!!! her short hair and highlights look good..the camera is hd too
    !!! i like it when she wears a turtleneck..and the smaller jacket gives her shape..look at them hips!!!

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