Oh why hello there everyone! ❤ Dara spending time with her friends! ^^





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Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Dara Spends Time with Marshall Bang, Ryan, and the Gang" (8)

  1. Hi! Can i ask a question? What do you think of Dara’s career this 2015? I mean with 2NE1 and alone? Yes she hinted a possible drama, but i cant hep but doubt that. She has been training in acting for the longest time but still there are no projects for her. And with 2NE1 right now, CL is going to promote in america which will probably last for the whole year. So i doubt there’d be any 2NE1 activities for this year. Im hoping for a possibility still, but what do you guys think?

  2. Admin I love your new background of Dara. So creative!

    I wonder, it sure seems like Dara picks up the tab whenever she goes out to eat with this bunch and other people. I’m sure they appreciate her generosity. She is so caring and generous for those who take care of her, her friends and family and us.

    May this New Year be filled with even more wonderful things in store for our Dara!

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    I love seeing Dara with her friends. Enjoy baby girl! Surround yourself with good people. Happy New Year everyone!!! ^_^

  4. I thought that was Ryan Bang! He must be vacationing in Korea! Dara is really a fantastic friend!

  5. i hope Dara shocks us this new year with a new darama!!!!

  6. i really miss dara unnie. XD kyaaa i am so excited for next year!!! Woohoo. All new Dara I want!!!

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    dara unnie with good people

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