I know a lot of us have wondered if Dara really did go to Super Show 6 concert because the Donghae only confirmed that he invited Dara.. But now, here’s our Dara confirming that she really did go! ^^ I hope she enjoyed the concert! It must be a nice change to be at the audience side and not be the one performing, and I know that Super Junior delivers a great concert as well! ^^ It’s good to see Dara supporting her friend for ten years, Donghae! ^^ByMEXklIQAA-P52

Selfie with leedonghae


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Cute Dara Confirms that she Went to Super Show 6 ~ “Selfie with Donghae!”" (18)

  1. ssantokki21 said:

    Hey guys! I have a question.. I saw this on twitter https://twitter.com/jokesocool/status/514810789853552641

    I know that Joke, the lead vocalist of Thai band So Cool, is dara’s fanboy, but why was he mentioning darahae?

  2. Darahae shipper here *lonely hand up* guilty-not-guilty. Hehehehehehehehe. I’ve Belén wait int for this~~

  3. I have been hoping that i could hear news about my two favorite idols since both their b-days are coming soon,I hope someday they will act together in WGM. or any romdrama.Pleae Lord let my wish come true,I’m real DARAHAE fan.

  4. she’s wearing a wig right?… i guess she’d be wearing a wig, cap and mask… elfs wouldn’t even notice she’s right beside them… love the friendship~

  5. Dragonfly87 said:

    Yessssssss!! Finally someone brave enough to show his close relationship with Dara. I know that female idols in particular get flamed for these kinds of public displays of affection(despite saying they’re just friends) but I am so proud of them both (two veeeery famous idols) for showing/sharing this to us KPop fans. It’s such a refreshing feeling. 🙂 bless them

  6. OH my! my fragile heart!! darahae

  7. Kyaaahhh!!! This friendship is love. Hope they hang out after the concert as well. This is good right? Atleast if some paparazzi shots of then surfaces there won’t be any misunderstandings.

  8. Omg super spazzing..im just happy for dara

  9. Just got home and this greets me….wahhhhhaaa…lalalala!!!

  10. wow!!!!!! so happy for both of them.. love their friendship “,)

  11. Ay ya ya ya. When news were coming out that dara went to super show 6, I was hoping dara would upload a pic. Is it too much to ask for donghae to do the same too :)) haha. Dara was backstage too!

  12. So so happy the two connected! Donghae, good for you! You invited Dara and she came! Happiness!<3

  13. me toooo i love their frienship,..

  14. WOW, I’m smiling and spazzing with you guys too!. So happy, so cute, bet she just made his day! true friends do show up at important times in your life. love these two!

  15. oh my god!!! darahae!!!

  16. okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………wohhh i need to spazz to twitter lol

  17. kyaaaaaaaa… love their friendship!! ^.^ #happyMe

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