Beautiful, Goddess Dara on the cover! This magazine is a must-read as Dara shares her genuine thoughts on fashion, ageing, and romance! She talked about her favorite looks, Teddy and Seung Ho’s influence on her, her favorite actresses, her dreams of running away with the love of her life, and more! ❤ Have fun reading! ♥








Source: @2NE1SG
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HD Scans Of “Glow Magazine” Featuring Goddess Dara’s Takes On Style, Ageing And Romance" (15)

  1. I think Dara and Donghae will click! coz Donghae is Handsome and Sandara is beautiful indeed

  2. she’s amazingly beautiful

  3. charlene marie said:

    how true that dara and donghae are the new couple in we got married?

  4. Then I hope she makes a movie there, since they have to lie low in korea anyways.

  5. dara is here in the philippines just now

  6. Charlane i think you can use a software called “recuva”, I use it sometimes and works fine

  7. Sandara Park has matured a lot in all aspects. I am so very proud of you! Keep soaring! The world is yours to conquer!

  8. Hi everyone! Do you know where I can get a copy of Glow magazine? Btw, I’m from Philippines.

  9. charlane said:

    Hi everyone! Do you guys know how to retrieve photos that were deleted from your laptop?

    My older sister deleted all the Dara pics that I downloaded and there were thousands of them. Now there’s none left. I’m seriously so angry at her. Please help me get them back. Those were pictures of Dara from the past few years to this year. Please help me get them back. Please 🙇

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