Dara looks a little distressed in the photos. She was probably worried for the safety of the fans because there were just so many Blackjacks who came to wait for them at the airport. ❤






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Comments on: "Photos: 140731 Press Photos Of 2NE1 Arriving At Yangon International Airport, Myanmar" (4)

  1. @blahhh lol XD, although dara appears to be worried here (well of course she was worried about the safety of the fans thats Dara for you thinking about the others before herself), but anyway I think deep down inside she loved the hot welcome, I mean before she became famous she said she wanted to have fans, she wanted to be popular, so.. taddaahh her wish came true!

  2. Security was not ready at all for the crowd. I hope they’re more prepared when the girls leave. The girls or someone in the crowd could get injured if they can’t manage the crowd well.

  3. the blond guy at the third and fouth picture (the one next to bom) looks like a man on a mission. “Must. get. girls. out. of. here. You. fangirls. are. fucking. strong” that or “Must. go. bathroom”………

    Am I saying something incredibly unnecessary here? hehe.

  4. congratulation 2ne1.
    we love u.

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