Unseen pic of Dara! I’m not sure from what event this is but what I’m sure of is her looking oh-so-gorgeous! She’s dressed casually with not one clothing that is considered “girly” but she still manages to look like a freaking GODDESS! ♥_♥

“10 on 10 Shopping Night Out #2ne1 #fleamarket #sandarapark #donation #cosmopolitankorea #10corsocomoseoul #seoul #10corsocomo”



Source: 10corsocomoseoul
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Unseen Photo Of Chic And Gorgeous Goddess Dara At A Flea Market" (4)

  1. Mailaperez said:

    I hope Dara unnie will update her twitter or IG soon…I really miss her pix and her smiles…….:(( I’m also sad that Bommie is being romoured to leave Roommate….Is this final??I was really happy seeing her there and hoping that Dara will visit her like Baek visited Chanyeol…

  2. This was during the “2NE1 Flea Market” Bazaar at Corso Como last 2013 that Dara-unnie happily organized it.. >>>>>> https://oh-dara.com/2013/10/12/photos-131012-fantaken-pics-of-happy-organizer-dara-at-her-successful-2ne1-flea-market-bazaar-at-corso-como/

  3. Miss this girl so much. Hope she has been doing well.

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