YG vs SM! I like what they said about YG being the home of talented musicians.. ❤

Showbiz Korea – SM vs. YG Entertainment


Comments on: "Video: Arirang Match-Up – SM vs YG Entertainment" (4)

  1. Pppppppppp said:

    Acting goes to yg… Why? The awards T.O.P received for it….

  2. Superbj said:

    YG is not boring. Freestyle dancing, go with the flow and not uniformed costume. I love yg’s freak style concept. Very stylish from chrome hearts to adidas to versace to ysl… Just wow fantastic baby

    Yg family family family

  3. This rating clearly says:
    Dance – Tie
    Style/Fashion – YG
    Acting – SM

    I personally like YG’s dances. SM’s uniformed choreography is good on MV but it gets boring in live performances. YG does splendidly in both MV and Live.

    Style/Fashion?? hands down YG.

    For acting, this one’s on SM. Maybe because YG isn’t so invested in acting idols? They only have TOP (which only had minor roles so far) and Seungri’s just starting.

  4. Yg family family….im a proud yg stan over here…yg pride keke

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