So many fancams! ^_^ Enjoooooooy! ❤

Opening + Crush


More and more fancams below!!! ^_^

Crush + Fire

Gotta Be You

Can’t Nobody

Go Away

I Don’t Care

Go Away + I Don’t Care


Come Back Home

Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands + Pretty Boy + Don’t Stop the Music


If I Were You

I Am The Best

Encore: Gotta Be You

Encore: Can’t Nobody

I Love You + Come Back Home + Gotta Be You

Close Up (Dara)

Talk With 2NE1

Talk with Dara, Bom and Minzy

Credits: mpritWLnVIP | Yanti Limawan@YT | Riana Andriani | Dominique Jessica | Velliarahmi Fadjri | crispyrolly@YT | Nick Priant@YT | ssikkant IAP@YT | cn bloom@YT | nia karina tarigan | Dei Yeah | Ika Putri@YT |

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