Haru is such a cutie! And so lucky to run around the backstage and getting to call famous and top stars as her uncles, aunties, oppas, and unnies. T_T Seriously, so cute! Dara looked so happy every time she sees her! Bom asked Haru, who she is, and Haru answered, “Park Bom unnie,” when Bom pointed to Dara and asked what her name was, Haru forgot! XD And then Dara said, “Dara-imo” or “Aunt Dara” XD Seungyoon getting a mental breakdown when Haru didn’t know who he was! Haha! So cute! XD Running around to find her ultimate idol, GD-samcheon! XD

Credits: KBSEntertain

Comments on: "Video: 140525 Haru Runs Around YG Family in Japan Backstage ~ Meets with YG Family and “Dara Imo”" (2)

  1. I think HARU in becoming the little yg princess,so cuteeeeeeeee.

  2. Seungyoon got a mental break down because Tablo says a handsome uncle has come to see you, and Haru asks, “Where?” Meaning she doesn’t consider KSY handsome.

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