Woohyun: Dara Noona please write something for us~

Key: Can you say something about us?

DARA (wrote on the card): Twoheart who catches the heart of the ladies~ Watching u guys well~ Fighting!!!


Source: MonSoleil0313·

Translated by:  @WeLoveDara + @Bom_Always

Comments on: "Video: 140508 Cut of Dara and ToHeart’s Brief Interaction on M!Countdown" (2)

  1. Kibum and Woohyun-ah!!
    Kibum and Dara interaction, missing the Etude days. How comfortable is he when he said something to Dara? No need for formalities the same with Woohyun. Calling her Noona rather than sunbaenim. Kekekeke. So cute seeing them comfortable with her. Fighting!

  2. Camille said:

    so cute! i like how woohyun’s comfortable enough to call her noona ^.^

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