Oh did Mino take the photo for them? XD


#ygfamilypowertour2014 #tokyodome with AON family Winner!!! #WINNER will be in #AON #Manila on may 17th! Kita kits 🙂


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Cute Dara Shares a Picture with WINNER, at the Backstage of YG Family Concert in Tokyo" (4)

  1. Blaq_roze said:

    Mixture of fierce, cheerful and sinister smile in 1 shot~

  2. haha, but i most love the fact that dara’s clothes are bigger than the boys in winner..punk dara!haha

  3. I love the fact the WINNERS are close to their noonas 2NE1 they are like their younger brothers.Hope they will like the 2nd home of Dara and the people there.

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