The K-pop girl group play rebels in a future world and saunter through Los Angeles in two must-see visuals

Fans waited nearly four years for a second full-length 2NE1 album, and the K-pop quartet are certainly making up for lost time. After dropping Crush last week, the girl group have unleashed two music videos for new single “Come Back Home” and album track “Happy.”

We already raved about “CBH” for its ambitious mashing of reggae and trap, and we’re happy to say the music video does not disappoint either. In the sci-fi-themed vid, the gals live in a futuristic world where anyone can escape harsh reality for a “virtual paradise” with a pair of special goggles.

While that all seems lovely, it takes a toll on member Dara and her love interest when he chooses to hang in the virtual world instead of with her. You know what that means: Time for 2NE1 to shake sh-t up. The video ends with the girls leading a stampede of fire- and bat-wielding rebels. Please tell us there will be a part two.

Another one of our fave tracks off Crush to get a video is the peppy-yet-melancholy “Happy.” The girls rock a slew of whacked-out-but-still-chic outfits while parading around Los Angeles. We can’t take our eyes off them, but you have to watch below if just for Dara’s ’90s-inspired slick baby hair.

Billboard revealed that 2NE1’s new LP has been selling big numbers Stateside—for a Korean release—and could make a splash on the charts. We’ll be eagerly keeping our fingers crossed (and rewatching these videos) until it’s official.

Source: FuseTV

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