DARA YA!!!!! T__T The lap dance is a little bit wild compared to her New Evo Kiss stage huhuhu! Lucky fanboy! T_T





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Comments on: "Instavids: 140302 Dara Fancams at “All or Nothing” Concert in Seoul Day 2" (5)

  1. i hope there are youtube versions of these…(T_T)

  2. i’m so happy that dara is finally coming out of her shell.she’s not timid now.she became bolder when it comes to her performance and i don’t see anything bad about her lap dance thingy.kumbaga sa bisaya di sya “hilas or nakakasuya”

  3. My pure Dara-unnie *faints* LOL

  4. well, she’s in her 30s after all xD, i think its still in the “acceptable line” (nothin sexier than that Dara plz). and, i just hope i can see more fancams of the concert. T-T

  5. Hehe..i agree with you admin this performance of Dara in here kiss song is a little wild compared to the other..sososo lucky of the funboy here..but I mass admit that I was shock when I see this I didn’t know that Dara can do this hehe..after all am happy for her.:)

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