HELLOOOOOOO GORGEOUS ACTRESS DARA! ❤ /legit tears of joy Wahhh, so so so pretty and beautiful in black and red! T_T I love her red lips! ❤ Weeee! And wow, check out that bulky jacket and clutching a hot pad.. It must’ve been really cold during the shoot. XD Wahhh, I really really hope this signals the start of Dara getting involved in dramas! Please please please, YG! ❤ Click the pic for the full size, they’re in HD!


Hello there my pretty goddess! ❤ Your every angle is flawless. TT


Kekeke, spot Jjangmae! XD My eyes riveted on Dara’s beauty that it took me a second. XD



Dara with her escort in the drama.. ❤ Black curls for the win! ❤ And oh, I just noticed that she was wearing a necktie.. T_T /fail ❤


Brrr.. Stay warm! ❤


Sources: News portals via Nate + @topstarnews

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HQ/HD Press Pictures of Gorgeous Actress Dara Shooting Behind the Scenes for “You Who Came From The Stars” Cameo" (14)

  1. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Yeah. I want a Drama/TV Series or a Movie for Sandara. I do hope that YGE will also give her a chance to show her acting skills too. ^_^

  2. We just need to pray that her other half will let her act.. there is another person behind it aside YG.. Do you guys think so…

  3. it is very possible that there would be a darama in the very near future bec. YG is widening their investments on drama’s and modeling companies right?? plus there are new actors in yg now….. i really want a drama for her….i want to see her succeed.

  4. Yg are u teasing us for the most anticipated darama….if that so….kyahhhhh im H-A-P-P-Y AIGOO cant stop listening#2ne1crush

  5. 2ne1 has the best vocal, dancer, rapper and beauty.

    i think she should start wearing dresses if she really want to be apart of drama industry :p
    Dara Drama for Unnie please YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. God this is as good news as their album topping the charts. I love how jjangmae is there! I still think he is Winner’s manager but is just there for Dara. Or maybe he’ll help ease in Winner and then will go back to 2NE1 after. Whatever. DARA IS ACTING SOON THIS IS THE SIGN

  7. It was such a pleasant surprise seeing Dara doing a cameo in one of the hottest drama!! YG just let Dara be in a drama!

  8. #2NE1CRUSH on #6 @WORLDWIDE ITUNES ALBUM CHART,.. wow,… daebak!,. first and only 2ne1 made it,.. it’s worldwide itunes peeps,..some might butt in, in here,… itunes have different categories that a lot kpop don already,. but 2ne1 the first one to make it in WORLDWIDE ITUNES ALBUM CHART

  9. Please support
    for fan voting purposes.

    You can vote once a day. One account, one vote. ^_^

  10. She looks so cute in hats.^^

  11. Is Jangmae back as 2ne1’s manager. I do hope so coz he is Dara’s partner in crime.

  12. i hope this is a sign of her doing a drama in the very near future. Jjangmae!!

  13. OMG. I see Jjangmae. Is he back as 2ne1’s manager? I hope that Dara will have a Darama soon.

  14. So pretty and gorgeous ;A; I hope she act this year after tour end..

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