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Comments on: "Press Photo: 140220 2NE1 and Travis Payne at “All Or Nothing” 2014 2NE1 World Tour Press Conference" (11)

  1. guiz..i really need your help now..pls..
    its my grades sake pls…like this link..plsss.

  2. To all the people commenting on Bom, shame on you!
    The day she decides not to pile on the makeup, and her face is melting? Really?

  3. Totally agree! I’m looking forward to the new album. They’ve always held their own to other competitions so I have high hopes for my favorite K-pop group. 🙂

  4. I agree to @naomi11 she needs to stop doing something to her face before it becomes worst..I have friends who undergo surgery and they said it’s addicted.. once you started it you can’t stop.

  5. I can sense that Dara will reveal her new hairstyle in the concert. I look forward for Acoustic Dara…

  6. Is Dara wearing a Wig? Her hair color and different hair style.. While ago it’s black and short.. Is that the reason why she always using a beanie and cup? She still looks good though… any hair style it suits to her..

  7. Not to be mean but i’m worried about Bom’s face. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but her face here seems too old and the ps is taking its toll 😦

  8. They all look gorg♡♡♡ love d hair on CL & BOM, and Minzy & Dara, they both make me smile just seeing their smiling face ^^

  9. beautiful 2ne1,.. i like CL in here

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