I love the girls’ casual, yet chic and stylish, outfits for this ceremony! Simply refreshing, yet they are able to command the eyes of people when they stand on stage, that’s our 2NE1!

2NE1 won World Hallyu Star!



The girls also went up on stage to accept President Yang Hyun Suk’s “Best Producer Award.” ^^


Comments on: "Photos: 140212 Press Pics of Casual, Pretty 2NE1 Receiving their “World Hallyu Star” at 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards" (12)

  1. i love the last photo hihihi!!

  2. angel00007@yahoo.com said:

    oh my god!! our girls are coming back! if I’m not mistaken girls generation is having a comeback this february. the battle of the best girl group in korea!! fighting 2ne1…

  3. Yes this is it.so excited for their album.omg!

  4. Pppppppppp said:

    BJs Let’s all unite and anticipate the upcoming album of our beloved 2NE1! It’s dropping on the 24th! Let’s all support and buy it! Kyahhhhhhhhh

  5. i want to buy their album…someone help me please

  6. Omg guys! 2ne1s album will be released online on the 24th! The title is crush

  7. And congrats to 2ne1 for recieving world hallyu star award. And also for yg for producer of the year!

  8. They all look amazing here. And no weird dara style. I love this look and i wouldnt think shes in her 30’s but more like late 20’s … Like 27. I like minzi’s hair too its not a short bob cut anymore its looks prettier. It kinda looks like cl and dara switched hair haha. Daras shoes looks like that elementary style with white lacy socks and leather shoes haha so kyopta

  9. Itsumi Suzune said:

    She looks more mature to me though.. But I’m loving her outfit, her make-up with the red lips, the nails, the hair… everything! She’s gorgeous beyond words, very elegant.. ❤

  10. i love her…haizz

  11. dropjaw for Dara… she’s really beautiful and looks more younger now… vampire beauty

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