Loving, loving Dara’s black-and-white outfit! And is it just me or is her hair color slightly lighter? It almost looks silver-blonde-ish to me.. ^^ Love the glimpses to her tummy and her sleek legs all out in display! 







More pics after the cut!




Credits: News Portals via Nate

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 131026 Press Photos of Mesmerizing Dara at GS&Concert 2013" (5)

  1. Oh my word.. She looks absolutely Stunning last night!
    Love that new platinum blonde (?) on her, ethereal indeed!

  2. ssankpark said:

    i like her hair colour, but i prefer pink-blonde… ^_^v

  3. Wolverine said:

    Her hair remind me of Storm from the X-men. Storm is my favored character in X-men behind Wolverine 🙂

  4. yeah I think her hair is silver blonde now

  5. AlohaDara said:

    Dara is looking so fabulous! Usually she is the one wearing the baggy clothes or looking cute or fierce alienish which of course is fine.

    But when she is dressed like this, its like woah! drop it like its hot sexy! all the fanboys got to be drooling! Stunning!

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