Cutie pie Dara looking oh-so-badass! ❤ LOL, her and Justin have their caps put on the other way around, kekeke! Looking like hip-hop siblings! ❤ 


Trouble @justinbieber #seoulcialite #aomg#tastemakers

Credits: harry__kim

Comments on: "Instagram: Harry Kim Shares a Picture with Dara and Justin Bieber at AOMG Launch" (5)

  1. We worry about some of these people Dara has been taking pictures with because of their bad/reckless behavior. Instead of them corrupting her, I want to believe that the natural high of Dara, her kindness, and acceptance of people different from her will impact their lives. For one moment they sat by an angel who willingly gave a smile, a touch to brighten their darkness. Dreaming? With Dara, all things are possible.

  2. Pppppppppp said:

    I was wondering why he put trouble on his caption now I knew why. He punched the manager of the DJ that night when he requested the dj who’s playing house music into hiphop the dj told him to eff off so he went and punched the dj’s manager…. Anyways, Dara is looking beautiful!

  3. @AlohaDara oh ryt, that’s Not a he.. nor a she.. innit? It’s that JB(o0b), i was talkin abt.. really don’t want YGfam associating with that p*ss.. esp. Dara…

  4. AlohaDara said:

    Whitebox, who is he?

  5. heard he got into some argument (yet again) with some DJ in S.Korea… hope that p*ssy didn’t let out his crazies while Dara was around… seriously, someone kick him well away from there already..

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