I’m really happy to see Dara being more and more outgoing ^^

She seems to be enjoying herself a lot lately!!! Here she is with CL, Xin and Benballer, at Justin Bieber’s show.

If I’m not mistaken, Dara likes his songs, right?

GD is also performing as a surprise guest ^^

BWNx4-9CcAAIVXA Capture


Source: @BENBALLER’s Instagram

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Ben Baller (@BENBALLER) Shares a BTS Photo with Dara, CL and Xin at Justin Bieber’s Show" (11)

  1. just asking may i know who is Ben Baller? please give me an info about his nationality, and how they are related to Dara unnie?..sorry if I’m not updated..kekeke..^__^v

  2. @theyseemetrollintheyhatin well if you only meant that thing of this certain show she’s attending… i kinda hav to agree… lol

    i’m cool with GD and the rest of those folks in the pic… just not that “thing”… so please please tell me she went there to support GD and not the ‘thing’… :p

  3. Dara was the first from 2NE1 to have met and become friends with Ben Baller. He also said in an interview awhile back that GD was like a brother to him and is known world wide for his insane expensive jewelry he designs for the rich and famous.

  4. @krungy21 don’t forget. Were gonna open a Jollibee in Seoul! 50/50 partnership

    @BENBALLER yap! Sure!!! I love jollibeeeeeee ~~~

    dara followed ben

  5. i wonder if Dara and Ben talked about Vice, Showtime and…… Jollibee! lol

  6. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Ewwness…Dara get away from those entities. Yuck!

  7. liveurlife said:

    Yay! Finally she took pic with Ben Baller.. ♥♥

  8. radulińa said:

    yaay im so happy she’s with them im glad for her…

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