Girl group 2NE1 member Dara showed off her sexy beauty in ‘Get It Beauty Self’

Dara appeared on 26th OnStyle in ‘Get It Beauty Self’ and showed how to use 3 different lip colors in make up. Especially Dara with dark red lip color revealed her refined sexiness with her well matching eye make up.

‘Get It Beauty Self’ features ordinary people who are highly experienced in make up. They show their make up secrets and ‘know how’ for about 2 minutes giving special tips. Every week one person is selected and bring up with short but influential tips for make up. Viewers love this short special program.

From 26th and until now ‘Dara episode’ is on air for a week. In OnStyle we can meet Dara for three times in a day.

Dara shows three colors, orange, red, pink which will be hot color in this upcoming fall. In ‘Get It Beauty Self’ Dara shows her secret make over herself. She shows how to do skin and eye make up which goes well with your lips. She garners attention with various image with her make over.

Especially her red lip make up with cat like eye line reminds us of femme fatale. Also with lovely orange color and glossy pink lip color, it constantly changes her image immediately.

Before Dara ‘Get It Beauty Self’ featured f(x) Sulli and 4Minute Heo Ga-yoon as models.

‘Get It Beauty Self’ Dara’s episode will be aired on weekday at 7AM, 1PM, 11PM and Weekends at 9AM, 2PM in OnStyle.

Source: Naver

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