I can’t hear the phone call that well, but still amused with the reaction of the people! Haha! Thunder with his poker face though! LMAO!

The others are so excited but then Thunder just has his poker face on! ^_^ And then when he got the phone, he put it down! LMAO! ^_^

All The Kpop Featuring MBLAQ (Phone Call With Dara)

Before Dara revealed herself, she said that she was Thunder’s “friend” who goes to his house.

Dara: “I am Cheondung’s friend”
Host: “What friend?”
Dara: “We’re very close. I also go to his house often.”

Host: “What kind of Dongsaeng is Thunder with this Noona?” Dara: “Who are you?”

Dara: “I was not feeling well but couldn’t go home at dawn (maybe from YG) and there was a problem that time, so at 2AM, he (Thunder) came to fetch me and brought me home…”

Dara was asked by the hosts to say two lines about/for CHEON-DUNG. For Cheon, Dara said, “MY ANGEL” and for “DUNG”, Dara said, “Doong-ah, I love you!”

Dara on Thunder’s name:
Cheon = Cheonsa gateun (like an angel)
Dung = Doong-ah saranghanda (I love you)

They handed the phone to Thunder, he said: Big Sis~

Dara said: Oh! Dog-poop!
Thunder: See you tomorrow!
Dara: Oh,bye
Thunder: *ends call*

Thunder talked to Dara and only said “See you tomorrow!” then he hung up. Everyone was laughing and he said “I have nothing to say”

Credits: jjirong21 + thunder mblaq

Translated by: @KwonAui88 + @ilove2ne1girls

Comments on: "Video: 130723 All The Kpop Featuring MBLAQ (Phone Call With Dara)" (14)

  1. kissyvee said:

    Dara’s “Like an angel, doong-ah Saranghaeyo!”
    Sweet Noona to Thunder always, and of course Sanghyun with his protective brother mode on~ kkk

  2. the Park Siblings have the same round chubby cheek .its just like they’re eating a candy …kekeke so cute ^^

  3. Why did he hang up so suddenly? Is it because he didn’t want MBLAQ to talk to her, or was he embarrassed?

  4. Lol, Dara to park Jaemin; ”who are you”..lok

  5. nHurs89 said:

    thunder is embarasse bcoz dee!! call him dog pop thunder smile is really similar w/ dee~~look at the others expresion XD XD~~ enjoying!!!

  6. barnicle said:

    Thank you for the translation 😀

    They are one of the sweetest siblings in the world where let’s admit it, only a few are like them.

  7. Awww~~ They are so cute. I wonder why people hating Dara when she is so nice and loving~ *sigh. I just don’t get it.

    • Every popular person is bound to have haters so I don’t see the point in worrying about it. I think it is best to ignore them. She has million others that like her anyway:)

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      Dee haters can go to hell!!!Those haters are bullies!!!Bullies select a victim who is physically less strong than they are!!!Bullies are always cowards!!!ugh

    • You should be more worried if she doesn’t have haters….It’s sad but in the entertainment industry, the more haters one has the more popular he/she is…Bom and CL have a lot of haters too. I haven’t come across a Minzy hater yet.

  8. Hahaha… At the end, dog-poop! Dara so funny! ^_^

  9. admin, i need translation please so we can join the fun too,thank you.

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