One of Dara’s dearest friends, @iamANAye asked Dara what else she wanted after Dara tweeted a photo of her watching the Filipino movie “It Takes A Man And A Woman” given by us!!! ^_^

Dara then said that she wants new movies that will make her feel giddy and fall in love! ❤

Our Darong, always the hopeless romantic!


DARA: Yeah hey~ movie time first before I go to bed even though I am tired. 🙂 Thank you to the person who gave this!!!

ANA: what else do u want???

DARA: I want the latest ones that I haven’t watched yet and those that will make me feel giddy!!! Those that will make a person fall in love achuchuchuchuchu~~

ANA: uki uki… will send u!!;)

Translated by: @WLD_PA

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