Bask in her HD gorgeousness!! I so love how simple yet effortlessly beautiful she is in this photoshoot!



In the interview, Dara says she loves hats and she has bought a lot in her recent trip to Japan. So much that it spilled out of her luggage!

She also told Emi Suzuki that Samcheong-dong in Korea is her ideal place for a date.

When she goes to Japan, Dara usually goes to Don Quixote (Discount Store) in to shop! She says that false eyelashes in Japan are excellent. ^^

Note: Samcheong-dong is characterized by numerous small art galleries, shops and restaurants.


Source: ilovegd21

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "HQ Scans: Gorgeous Dara and model Emi Suzuki for Japanese Magazine MAQUIA" (3)

  1. nHurs89 said:

    theye are pretty and cute!!!
    dara smile^~~^ !!!oh my gosh^-^
    i really like!!!what ever here style its feminin,
    rock,swag…..i love dara 4 ever!!!!
    even she is married has a daugther
    i always love her no matter what. bcoz she is a nice woman and friends ,,,etc,,,
    ♥♥)figthtting 4 that magazine))
    #BTW# i ‘m a girl not man or gay~~~!!!~~toinks^~^

  2. In the first photo i remember the animae of yamato na dishiko the wall flower hehe i like the character of sunako there and it looks like dara ^_^v

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