MC: What’s the age difference between you and your sister?
CD: 6 years.
MC: Do you meet your sister regularly?
CD: Yeah, we live together in the same house now.
MC: You live together with 2NE1?! Wow I’m jealous. (They are just kidding by the way!)
MC: Do you think your sister is pretty?
CD: At home, I don’t say things like “Wow, she’s pretty.” But when she is with other singers onstage…
MC: So you are saying she’s not really pretty at home but compared to other singers she’s prettier (other singers are ugly)?!
CD: No I don’t mean that!
MC: So you are saying when your sister is compared to singers like SNSD, SNSD is not as pretty?
CD: No I don’t mean that. I mean when she is with other singers who are pretty, she becomes pretty too.

Translated by: jimin191@youtube + thunder mblaq

Comments on: "Video/Translation: MBLAQ’s Thunder Talks about Dara on “The Beatles Code”" (12)

  1. To me SNSD their faces look format d same, i think they have d same plastic surgeon, i can not differentiate them.Like every body says DARA beauty is not korean its a total blend of ASEAN race so she has this exotic asean beauty that is why a lot of guys and girls attracted to her not only cuz of her outside beauty but also it comes with a good heart( pure heart) very natural in every way.I like to see her interact or have drama with Donghae,if they do tha,t their movie or drama will be great cuz so many fans waiting for it internationally.will bring in a lot of money.

  2. I hate that MC!!! said:

    Vampire Dee > those plastic teenagers!!!

  3. park sibling is the best

  4. hey guys, of cl inki last sunday

  5. nHurs89 said:

    in SUJU####members!! i prefer siwon and donghae.4 dara not bcoz of siwon money.but i
    think donghae is really nice guy. i preter jiyong morethan the 2 4 dara bcoz he really deserve the one she really love 4 along time.
    (what do u think correct)

    • no its not correct.. I think Dara deserve to be happy and beloved.. and its Donghae

  6. nHurs89 said:

    shingdong the one as if her sister is pretty.
    why bcoz maybe he has a crush 2.aigooooo.
    someone kick your asssssss!!!!

  7. nHurs89 said:

    dara is really beautiful compare 2 those
    has a plastic sergery.even SUJU members
    wants 2 be close 2 her.thats a power of kind and natural like dara.

  8. For me snds girls are not that pretty as all male idols think..dara is really pretty without makeup and with makeup she is really nature beauty

  9. toomuchheaven said:

    Compared to SNSD, of course dara is way much beautiful! So annoying that they have to mention them. I find it rather insulting that after mentioning that your noona is beautiful they will be commenting like that.

  10. i h8 d MC

  11. snsd girls are not even all that beautiful.

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