To those who want to play this game, go to GOOGLE PLAY STORE and search for “WINDRUNNER”. Two choices will appear, the english version and the korean version. Download the Korean Version and you will be able to BUY Dara, G-Dragon or PSY’s characters! ^^

If you guys are unfamiliar with Wind Runner, download the english version first to familiarize yourself with it.

So far, I have not seen it available for iPhones. T_T





Comments on: "Photos: Dara, G-Dragon and PSY for Wind Runner" (3)

  1. How can I get more of those red diamonds?

  2. Silvermaze said:

    Hi! I saw you’re sad comment about not being able to play this game. Its actually available in apple too. Try typing Kakao in the search panel. Good luck! Hope this comment helps! 🙂

    • Yes its available on Apple but not the Korean version where you can buy Dara’s character. T_T If you want Dara’s character, then you need the Korean version which can only be downloaded by Google Play.

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