OMG how cute!!! If you guys remember Dara had said she was looking forward to her character being created because it would be awesome-cute!! Well, this is pretty awesome-cute ain’t it? 

She even retweeted WeLoveDara when we speculated about her being the next character!!


BKVkYvaCUAAAch6.jpg large

Check out the ‘Palm-tree hair’ and the ‘I LOVE YOU’ MV outfit ^^770618767


@Kristinekwak + @2KJOP_CL1  (translations)

Comments on: "Banner: Dara and Dadoong for Wind Runner!!!" (10)

  1. dara full of energy to gain fan a round the world …..

  2. Why is there no official YG post about this? Btw, Dara’s so cuuuute!

  3. xandria said:

    i dl-ed it but i can not play it…

  4. aljhevin said:

    it’s so cute..i hope i can play this…in english..

  5. Cute dadoongi and Daras character here in wind runner, I love love her out fit here.

  6. Blaq_roze said:

    Oooh… YG last runner… means only Psy, G-Dragon and Dara have the wind runner characters?…

  7. hek hek so so so cute….fierce outlook dara but with a cute dadooong made it sooo fabulous…oohhhh dara baby..

  8. Are there any other yg artist or any artist outside yg that has a character in this game?…I dl the game…and it’s

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