I am loving, loving Dara’s airport fashion! She is just so unique and fun with it.. She never fails to amaze me! Today, she doesn’t have one of her usual “color points” (where a shock of color usually comes in the form of a shocking red/orange beanie or a shock of violet hair strip), but instead dons a very unique-looking beanie! If I had gone to the airport wearing that, I definitely would be arrested by the fashion police, but Dara pulls it off so effortlessly! Dara goes in a stripe fashion it seems with her striped top and beanie, paired off with gorgeous white belt and cropped jeans. And whoops, there’s her color point! Red, plaid Oxford shoes! 

Because of her fun and quirky fashion, Dara made it to BOTH Naver and Nate’s Main Page and trended at Nate’s Real-Time search as well.



A closer look at the “bride veil” beanie! ❤


And of course, Dara won’t be Dara if she doesn’t sign autographs for the waiting fans. ^_^



More under the cut!











Source: Naver and Nate news hosts

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130510 Press Photos of Fashionista Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to Japan – Mesh Beanie Fashion!" (17)

  1. Hey friend,

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    Best, Ross Riddle

  2. Hey friend,

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    Looking forward, Bruce Pedersen

  3. yes, striped is back in fashion but it’s mostly black in white or blue n red in white

  4. i love her fashion from head to foot!!!!!!!!!!!! she look stunning…..

  5. it looks simple yet stunning and expensive..kekeke

  6. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Beautiful..Beautiful Dara unnie>.< netizens are trending about her Cute veil beanie " where can we buy it" ..Daebak!! Watch out..her outfits are usually quite pricey kkkk our unnie is a fashionista baby ^_^ side hair braid colour ..'Orange'! Got it..kekeke ^_*V.

  7. I wonder what the people are saying about her look 🙂 I, myself find it fun and cute, like her! :>

  8. the airport queen fashionista is back………………

  9. She is glowing from head to toe….

  10. Waaah!! Dara! Simple yet very fashionable! Love it!

  11. xoxojulietx said:

    Flawless and effortless keke i love her fashion airport !!!

  12. soooooooooooo muchhhhhh like……….wanna have it too…

  13. redstilleto said:

    OMG Dara…i love how your skin and fashion are both flawless

  14. redstilleto said:

    a bridal veil beanie……LOL

  15. Keep your hate to yourself said:

    she is so CUTE. I love her shoes. Might get one!

  16. beautiful… where are they going?

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