I agree, this is too cute! And Gaho with the red ribbon is extremely precious. ❤ Wonder what Dara’s character would look like? ^^


YG ENTERTAINMENT: [G-Dragon Windrunner Character Launching] Meet G-Dragon with Gaho at Windrunner~ Like, then GO!

DARA: That’s cute! ㅋㅋ


Source: @ygent_official @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Thinks that G-Dragon and Gaho’s WindRunner Characters are “Cute!”" (9)

  1. I hope Dara’s character will come out soon.

  2. is there an english versions of this games?so that i can play this game…it looks fun..

  3. OMG! GD and Gaho are sooo cute~~ I can’t wait to see Dara’s character too! *_*

  4. soooooooo cute!! even Seungri thinks so, i mean look at those characters, yeah! so cute indeed! ❤

  5. AlohaDara said:

    Dear Belle and all of OH Dara, by the time I came back to apologize, the obvious site was closed. Hopefully you will get this message. I am so very sorry for my words. I got caught up in the bashing and in my frustration,I said things that were definitely very wrong. I realized what I did but it was too late. But who the hell am I to do such a thing? You guys work countless of hours putting together this great site for us to celebrate all about Dara. And I know you do it with so much love. Well you got upset too and rightfully so. Please forgive me. This will not happen again. I will continue to visit you site daily to hear more wonderful news of our Dara.
    But I also realize that even though you are Admin, that you can get upset as quickly as the rest of us and it is not always safe to write what we really think here. Its ok, your only human. Know that I love each of you because you love Dara. And don’t worry bout me, I wont be writing here anymore. Hengsho!

    • We are very sad to hear that. We hope that eventually you will change your mind. We all get upset and sad and what not. Regardless of who and what we are, we are humans with human emotions. We hope that eventually you will decide to comment again. We hope that we can all be happy and move on because over and above anything else, its about our love for Dara. Hengsho!

      We hope to see you soon. 🙂

  6. Kyaaa~! Gaho is sooo cute! And I’m loving GD’s character. I can’t wait to see Dara’s character!

  7. This new characters are so cute, I wonder how I could download it. Hopefully someone would eventually post more info😊😊😊

    Thank you Oh Dara for always posting news about our Goddess, we truly appreciate what you do for fans like us 👍👍👍

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