G-Dragon, as well as Jo Sungmin, one of Hi-Tech’s dancers, had followed a fake account of Dara on Instagram.  GD then proceeded to like photos of the fake account. This account is quite famous in Instagram and a lot of celebrities have followed it too. Jay Park once followed this account too. But Dara herself clarified that she doesn’t have an IG account. ^_^

Sungmin and GD unfollowed the account soon after they learned that it’s a fake one. 


Source: xxxibgdrgn@instagram

Comments on: "Info/Cap: G-Dragon Follows A Fake Instagram Account of Dara" (7)

  1. adds time said:

    follow @smartvhf on instagram

  2. angel's wings said:

    i knew it! he/she just grabbed pics of dara where he/she can…

  3. They say GD unliked all of the pics after finding out it was a fake acct? That true?

  4. I wish Dara would make an instagram account!!!!!

  5. So this was just quite recently, i’m guessing, from the timestamps? Haha. I didn’t even know of this fake account. Better check it out

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